Hang Tags Printing

14-Point Gloss Cover Stock

Our 14 pt. gloss cover stock is a thick, standard weight cover stock with glossy sheen on both sides. We add a high-gloss ultraviolet (UV) coating to make colors more vibrant and protect your printed piece.

15 pt. Velvet with Soft Touch Coating

If you want the ultimate look and feel for your piece, combine our premium 15 pt. velvet cover with an added soft-touch coating. This premium surface treatment adds a fine, super-smooth finish that makes a bold impact in the hand and on the eye. Nothing gives a more luxurious and sophisticated feel than this paper and finish option.

15-Point Velvet Cover Stock

Our 15 pt. velvet cover stock is a heavy, distinctive paper with a velvety smooth finish and semi-matte look with 10 percent recycled content. This stock gives a high-end, classic look to any hang tag.

16-Point C2S Gloss Cover Stock

Our 16 pt. C2S gloss cover stock is a premium, ultra-thick stock with a glossy finish on both sides — perfect for hang tags that need to stand out above the rest.

13-Point 100% Recycled Matte Cover Stock

Our 13 pt. recycled matte cover stock is the ultimate eco-friendly choice. This paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste and has excellent printing characteristics combined with a sophisticated matte finish.


Product Hang Tag Finishing Solutions

Nothing gets attention like a quality product hang tag:
  • Choose a standard 3/16" hole with top center placement or customize the size and location of the hole.

Custom Product Hang Tag Printing Services

We offer a wide range of custom printing services, including:
  • Perforation line to create a tear off coupon or gift certificate
  • Scoring line
To customize the size or placement of the hole, you will need to work with a finishing specialist who will help you get the best solution at the right place. Please note that custom dies start at $100.00, and the price increases based on size and complexity.

Review Our Print-Ready File Checklist

To ensure your artwork will print correctly and to avoid any delay, please follow the general file checklist.

Free File Review

Your order is in good hands with us. After you place your order with PsPrint, our printing experts run your order through our 20-point quality checklist. Some of the items we check for include:
  • Ensuring your artwork is the correct dimension
  • Confirming your copy will not get cut off
  • Verifying your artwork has the correct resolution

Hang Tag Layout Guidelines

Download our layout guidelines to ensure your artwork will print correctly.
  • 2" x 3" — Standard Format Download

See all layout guidelines.