Custom Magnet Printing

  • Standard magnets are great for giveaways, events and fridge calendars — all on a 16-point magnetic paper with optional glossy UV coating
  • Car door magnets offer The customers an affordable way to brand their vehicles in two sizes on a heavy-duty 17-point magnetic vinyl

Our standard magnets are available in three sizes, all printed on a strong 16-point paper. If The customer is looking for extra impact, suggest adding an optional high-gloss UV coating to make colors really pop.

Car door magnets are available in two sizes on a super-strong 17-point magnetic vinyl stock. We include a high-gloss UV coating to protect the magnet from the elements. Available in quantities starting as low as one piece, suggest that The customers try them.

Magnet artwork files can be finalized quickly for online printing with our free magnet layout guidelines. If a custom shape is what The customer is looking for, such as rounded corners or more unique shapes, contact us for custom printing features. The possibilities are almost limitless.

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Magnets Printing
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