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Our quality printing and fast turnaround make our print products very appealing to both consumers and businesses. This program is a great way for publishers, website or blog owners, or coupon websites to earn additional revenue.

Program Benefits
  • Choose from a variety of specialty banners, text ads and exclusive offers only released to our Affiliates. New assets released on a regular schedule so your offers are always current.
  • Earn a competitive commission on every order placed through your links.
  • Cookies set to 60 days so you earn credit on sales even if they don’t purchase with the first click.
  • Real-time reporting, high conversion rates and average commissions of $30.

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What is the PsPrint Affiliate Program?
An affiliate marketer is a person or company that sends visitors to the PsPrint website from special links or banners, in exchange for getting commission based on the transaction amount.

How does the Affiliate Program Work?
The affiliate member will obtain tracking links from their joined network, and then add those tracking links into their site HTML. The tracking links can be seen as a banner image or text image. Once a user clicks on one of these links the user will be taken directly to the PsPrint website where they can place an order. Anytime a user clicks on the tracking links from the affiliates’ website it will be tracked through the cookies on the users’ computer. The affiliate member will only get paid commission if the visitor then places an order (transaction) on the PsPrint website leading from one of the affiliate links.

How long will cookies stay on the users’ computer?
The tracking links will stay live for 60 days on the users’ computer unless the user deletes or clears their cookies/cache.

Who can join the PsPrint Affiliate Program?
PsPrint reserves the right to decide who is eligible for the program. Customers are not allowed to get commission on their own print orders.

Appropriate affiliate partners include internet marketers, website owners, bloggers, coupon sites and review sites. If you drive traffic to your site and think your visitors would be interested in PsPrint products then you can get a commission for any order that was placed under your tracking links.

When will I receive my commission check?
The commission check will be sent within 30 to 60 days from the time the order was tracked. Please contact the affiliate network directly for assistance regarding your check. You will need to contact Commission Junction or Share-A-Sale publisher support for assistance. There must be a minimum amount of commission earned prior to a check being sent out.

I have a question and need help who can I speak to?
Please contact the PsPrint Affiliate Management team via email at

How do I get credit on a recent order that wasn’t tracked in my account?
Login to your affiliate account after 24 hours upon order placement and check your report. If you do not see the order in your account please contact us directly via email at Please include your Customer Identification Number (CID) and the PsPrint Order Number in question. You will receive a response within 24-48 business hours.


Questions about PsPrint? Check out our Resources or Help Center for questions to many commonly asked questions.

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