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Anatomy of a Premium Business Card

Anatomy of a Premium Business Card

Premium business cards can command attention and motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. At the very least, premium business cards are memorable and will be the first thing your contacts reach for when they need the products and services you provide. The following breaks down the anatomy of a premium business card so you can be confident you're handing potential customers exactly what they need to make the best purchasing decision.

Daring design

Simply having an aesthetic business card design won't cut it. Premium business cards have daring designs – they're bold, attractive, commanding, even sexy. This doesn't mean your design has to be brash. In fact, your design can be exquisitely simple. But it does mean that you should not rely on everyone else's business card design to develop your own. Come up with something new and unexpected - something daring – and your business card will be poised to land more follow-ups than you've ever had.

Premium papers

Often overlooked by amateurs, your choice of business card paper stock can mean the difference between a wallet-bound business card and one that is tossed in the recycling bin. Thick, rich, sturdy business cards with attractive lusters denote success and confidence, two traits you'll need if you want to win the big accounts. The best choices are super-thick 16-point stock, smooth 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating and 13-point 100% recycled matte. Each is thick and feels good in your customers' hands.

Premium inks

Premium business cards are printed with premium inks. Choose eco-friendly soy inks, which have the valuable dual role of satisfying green agendas and being capable of producing bolder, richer, more vibrant colors than their petroleum-based counterparts. Soy inks look great and make you look great; and in addition, they're scratch and fade resistant so your business cards will continue to look good well after they've exchanged hands.

Premium flair

You can add flair to your business cards with a die cut or foil stamp, both of which command attention and linger in memory when done correctly. Elegant die cuts such as rounded corners, a cut-out curved line, or a subtle bend are perfect for high-end businesses; while bold die cuts such as unique shapes and extreme bends can help a new-age business get off the ground. Foil stamps are elegant when used as outlines or fills for thin text, and bold and bright when used as fill for wide text or even your entire business card background. Both add a touch of flair and class to your premium business cards that will not be overlooked by potential customers.

Add value

Premium business cards add value with coupons, discounts, VIP passes, and insider information, printed on the back.

As you can see, premium business cards are not all that difficult to develop. With a creative eye, a bit of brainstorming, and a dash of daring, you can craft a premium business card that simply can't be ignored.