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Are Your Envelopes Too Bland To Make Sales?

Are Your Envelopes Too Bland To Make Sales?

Do you consider envelopes to be part of your marketing strategy? Many companies are satisfied to place a logo on their envelopes, call it branding, and leave it at that. The message is inside the envelope, after all, right? Wrong. Envelopes are integral components of your branding – and marketing – strategies that can influence customers and help you earn more profits. The following lists a few ideas for designing and printing envelopes that add some spark to your communications, earn more opens at the mailbox, and influence customer opinion.


Color is one great way to ensure your mailbox branding and motivate more customers to notice your communications and open your envelopes. You can print a solid color envelope that matches one of your brand image characteristics (such as all orange for a company that has an orange logo), in contrasting colors to capture attention and/or align with your brand (such as black and yellow), or to highlight text and other graphic elements.


Not many companies print images on envelopes, but those that do can enjoy the attention-getting prowess that goes with the territory. Humorous images, poignant images, images of happy customers, product images, and other creative images are hard to ignore. What's more, they can set the tone for your communications, and, together with copy, motivate more envelope opens and more trust in your company from the get-go.

Patterns and symbols

Patterns can help brand your company and make your envelopes distinctive so customers are ready for them when they arrive, such as a blueprint background grid for an architect, for example. Symbols can help draw customer attention to important parts of your envelope pitch, such as an arrow that points to the recipient's name after text that says something such as “special offer for this person only.”


Copy is a powerful way to motivate envelope opens. Use copy on the outside of your envelope, and in conjunction with the other ideas presented here, to deliver your offer front and center. Or, ask a question and promise to give the answer inside the envelope. You can also allude to a special gift, a life-changing opportunity, an “official” statement, or some other benefit or incentive inside your envelope.

So, which strategy should you employ to eradicate bland envelopes in favor of attention-getting, power-branding, sales-generating envelopes forever? All of these strategies, used simultaneously, might just produce the best envelope you've printed yet! The next time you consider envelope printing, think about how you can develop a compelling envelope that is impossible to ignore by employing the strategies detailed here.