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Best Labor Day Graphic Design Resources

resources imageLabor Day presents special challenges when it comes to developing a unique and compelling graphic design for your marketing materials that's relevant to the holiday. Many Labor Day designers stick to the labor versus big business motif, which certainly has its place; but others tend to focus more on the seasonal changes and the party scene to promote their products during the three-day weekend. Here are some of the best design resources for Labor Day ideas you can find on the web:

Labor Day inspiration

Whether you're designing a Labor Day union poster or selling hot dogs at the local grocer, you can find Labor Day design inspiration from the following resources: Labor Day history - What better way to develop a theme for your Labor Day designs than to understand why we celebrate Labor Day in the first place? Try the ]]>Wikipedia Labor Day]]> page, the ]]>U.S. government Labor Day]]> page, the ]]>History Channel Labor Day]]> page, and this ]]>Labor Day video]]> for some historical background that will make you appreciate how good you really have it as a successful laborer today. Labor Day eats - One of the best ways to get inspiration for scrumptious Labor Day designs is to learn about the traditional Labor Day cuisine. Check out websites such as ]]>About.com]]> and ]]>AllRecipes.com]]> to get some great Labor Day recipes loaded with tasty and colorful morsels sure to scintillate your imagination. Labor Day d├ęcor - Who best knows how to decorate for a Labor Day party than decorators themselves? Draw inspiration from Labor Day decorating ideas found on leading family magazine websites and sites such as ]]>PartySupplyHut.com]]>, ]]>LaborDayWeekend.com]]> and ]]>HolidayPartyDecorations.com]]>.


resources imageIf you run a traditional search engine query for Labor Day artwork, you're probably going to get a collection of clip art you wouldn't use in for your designs - even if it was free charity work for a youth organization. Instead, search for photos, vectors and other relevant media through paid channels such as iStockPhoto.com and fotosearch.com; or even better, search ]]>Creative Commons]]> and ]]>Stock Exchange]]> for free!

Marketing Ideas

Remember that your Labor Day designs are just one piece of a puzzle that, when put together right, produce major sales. You don't have to stick to labor themes; instead, focus on seasonal change (autumn, winter), back to school, sports (football, volleyball, etc.), the upcoming holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), and anything that is relevant to your customers. In fact, you can ignore all of the hype surrounding Labor Day and instead theme your design to promote a single product to a very specific audience - such as a chain saw or jewelry - and include a coupon good on Labor Day (or Labor Day weekend) only. When it comes to Labor Day marketing, a well-targeted mailing list and full-color postcards, catalogs, brochures, flyers, and door hangers can't be beat, especially when coupled with an incredible offer, contagious copy and your dazzling design.