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Creative Design Ideas for ID Badges

Gone are the days of the mundane ID badge that has a dimly lit photo, a name and an employee number. With today's advanced printing technology, ID badges have become more than system identifiers; they're colorful sources of pride for employees and access cards for backstage passes and other applications. The following details some creative design ideas for ID badges that will brighten anyone's day.

VIP pass design

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Your graphic design tools enable you to turn any ID badge into a VIP pass. Colorful and eye-catching ID badges have many benefits, from boosting employee morale to becoming commemorative keepsakes for concert-goers. Start with a full-color design that has a solid or patterned background, and include a company or event logo. If you're creating VIP passes, make sure the letters "VIP" are large and bold; and if another access designation applies, follow suit to make the ID badge wearer feel appreciated and respected.

Forget mugshots

Mugshots are old and bland. Instead of the traditional square mugshot, take shots of employees in action for your ID badges. Your employees will look more natural when the photos are taken in comfortable environments, and your designs will be more dazzling when you include larger action shots.

Die-cut ID badges

Die-cut badges are a fun way to brand your ID badges or hallmark an event. You can design ID badges in just about any shape and size, so tap your creativity to find ways to make your designs stand out. You might design ID badges in the shape of a corporate logo, for example; or for a backstage pass to a stage show you might shape your ID badges like a famous venue.

Foil stamp for fun and prestige

resources imageFoil stamps can add pizzazz to your ID badge designs if you use them to fill text or graphic shapes. For elegance and prestige, use thin foil stamps as outlines around your text and graphic elements, or even as simple lines separating important information. Such ID badges lend credibility, especially when you have employees handling traffic control and support at exclusive events. They're also great for passes to exclusive events such as award ceremonies.

Big and bold text

Big and bold text is a great way to draw attention to helpful support employees at high-profile events, so you can help people get to where they need to be or find the information they need quickly and efficiently. Consider support staff at a large trade show, where finding restrooms and restaurants might be difficult for even the most astute traveler. You could place large blue lettering on their ID badges that read: "Have a question? I'm happy to help!" When you design your ID badges you'll also have to consider how they'll be printed and finished. Choose a premium 100-pound paper stock with durable, water-resistant lamination. You might also want to have grommets placed on your ID badge so you can run a lanyard through them without having to worry about tearing.