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Custom Letterhead Finishes for Professional Firm

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Custom letterhead is a great way to demonstrate that you're running an established, professional firm that delivers as promised. Custom work helps your letterhead - and your company - stand out from the competition. It starts with custom letterhead design, but design isn't the only way to set yourself apart and make a lasting impression. When it comes to letterhead printing, you can get more bang for your buck when you get these custom letterhead finishes.

Premium letterhead paper

Ever notice how you judge a company by the paper its communications are printed on? You might not even be aware you're doing it, but when you open an envelope and take out a sheet of paper your mind is registering how thick it is, how smooth or textured it is, what it smells like, what type of sheen it has, and how it feels in your hands. The more attractive your paper, the more attractive your firm. There are two basic types of custom letterhead paper that will help you come across as a pro: smooth and textured, and it really depends on the image you'd like to convey for which type of paper you'd like to print your letterhead on. If you want smooth, go with a thick 24-pound synergy bond paper that lends an impression of established stability and credibility. For a textured feel that says you know your industry, try a 70-pound white wove letterhead paper.

Foil stamp for success

Nothing says elegance, prestige or fun like a shiny foil stamp - it's all in the way you present it. No matter the tone of your company, a foil stamp lends a professional image and lets others know that your firm is a cut above the rest. You can incorporate die cut, multi-toned foil stamps or just a single- color foil stamp. Foil stamps can create lines; they can act as official seals; they can emblazon your corporate logo; they can be used as text for your contact information; or they can even serve as borders for your custom letterhead.

Folding and scoring saves time and adds a professional touch

resources imageSome administrative assistants are old pros at perfectly folding letterhead communication, others are not, and there are few who are good at folding that like to do it. If the majority of your custom letterhead will be folded, consider having it pre-scored and folded so you don't waste time folding in the office and can guarantee a perfect, professional fold every time.

Backside logo

How many firms have you seen that print a large, full-color logo on the back of their letterhead? None, probably - which is precisely the reason you should consider employing this attention-getting device. Not only does make you look more professional (and powerful), it can turn the heads of passers-by and work to brand your company. At the very least, it will be noticed and make it more likely that your brand will be remembered when it's time to buy.