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Design Powerful Table Tents That Can't Be Ignored

resources imageTable tents make the perfect marketing materials because they're both diverse and effective. With the right design, you can craft powerful table tents that upsell, inform or receive charitable donations. With the right combination of copy, design and creative print finishing options your table tents will attract attention and be a valuable part of your overall marketing strategy.

Table tent copy

Table tent copy should be short and to the point. Lead off with a large, bold headline that works with your images, then fill in the details with one or two paragraphs - even better if you can compile the details into a short lists such as a concert schedule or dessert menu. Include an offer (what you get for your action) and a call to action to motivate response.

Table tent design

Your table tent design should work with your copy and table tent shape. Depending on your goal and your message, you might choose to be bright or subtle, poignant or compelling, enticing or disgusting. Use large imagery to capture attention, especially if you're marketing a performance or food item. Don't just tell customers what they'll get, show them what they'll get and you can double your response rate.

Creative table tent printing

resources imageMany table tents are printed on 100-pound gloss cover stock for a cool glossy sheen and robust stability, but you can add shine and longevity by having your table tents additionally UV coated, which provides durable water resistance especially useful on tables where food or beverages are served. You can also have your table tents die cut to a unique shape, or printed with a horizontal or vertical design, for instant attraction. You can view and instantly price many creative table tent printing options at PsPrint. Table tents are hard to ignore, great table tents are impossible to ignore. Remember to keep your table tent designs clean, simple and professional. Don't be afraid to break outside of the box and be creative with your concepts - intelligent marketing ingenuity always wins. At the same time, don't forget the basic tenets of direct marketing or the 40/40/20 rule, which states that 40 percent of your success is in distribution (getting the right message to the right customers), 40 percent is in your offer, and 20 percent is everything else. If you have your distribution and offer down pat, your table tent design can be easy!