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Event Ticket Printing Techniques

Event ticket printing can be a breeze when you know what your printer needs to ensure your event tickets come off the press looking as great as they look on your computer screen. Pay attention to the following event ticket printing techniques to save money and get it right the first time.

Colors and resolution

Your event ticket designs should be submitted in four-color process CMYK, which is ideal for printed materials and different from the RGB format commonly used for digital designs. For the best look, all event tickets should be designed in at least 300 dpi resolution.


resources imageMany event tickets are numbered and to avoid incurring a new set-up fee for each individually numbered tickets, you can have your event tickets automatically numbered in order. Red, white or blue numbering works the best, and your event ticket design should indicate where the numbering should go. Get a template to ensure that your alignment is spot on to avoid any problems.


Many event tickets are also perforated, so that stubs can be torn off at the gate and attendees can keep a commemorative token. Perforation allows the two sections of your event tickets to be easily separated and is indicated on your designs with a dashed line. Again, get a template to ensure your marks and lines are properly placed.

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For event tickets that are more than passes, but artistic pieces rich in character, opt for a 12-point gloss cover paper stock. This thick, sturdy paper adds professionalism to your event's image and is durable in the pockets, wallets and purses of event attendees. Best of all, it delivers an aesthetic sheen that says your event is at the top of the game.

Get a proof and order in volume

What if you printed event tickets with the wrong day, time or venue? To make sure this doesn't happen to you (and your faithful attendees), get a hardcopy proof in hand so you can closely examine your event tickets for errors before you run the entire job. Taking the time to catch errors now can save a lot of time, money and hassle later. Order all the tickets you need for your event all at once. When it comes to printing, ordering in volume always saves on price per piece, since a large portion of the cost is in press set up and not the act or printing itself. Professional event ticket printing is the perfect way to get your attendees in the door. Make sure your event ticket printing technique bases are covered before you go to press, and you'll have a successful run every time.