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Five Cool Ways to Design Graduation Stickers

Five Cool Ways to Design Graduation Stickers

Graduation stickers are a hot trend for families seeking new and creative ways to celebrate and commemorate high school and college – and even preschool – graduations. The great thing about graduation stickers is that they're so versatile in that they can be used in many different ways, plus they're fun to design and give to family and friends.

Graduation stickers can be used as envelope seals for your graduation cards, to place on calendars to give notice about the big day, and handed out to be affixed to any number of surfaces. What's more, they can quickly become scrapbook keepsakes to be placed alongside cherished photos and enjoyed for decades. If you're not sure where to start, try one of the following five cool ways to design graduation stickers.

Graduate's photo

One of the easiest way to design graduation stickers is to make your graduate's photo the centerpiece. You can snap a photo of your graduate in his or her cap and gown, or enjoying a favorite activity, and use them as envelope seals or hand them out to friends and family. As with all the ideas listed here, you can start by downloading a free sticker layout template, which has no graphic elements but does have helpful layout guidelines and is pre-formatted for perfect printing.

Fun shapes

You can design graduation stickers with fun, relevant shapes. Have your graduation stickers die cut into a rolled scroll diploma, graduation cap, a favorite sports ball, or other shape that rings in the celebration of graduation. Many die-cut templates are already available for free use, but you can also create your own custom die-cut shape to make yours truly unique.

School logo/mascot

Another great way to design graduation stickers is to reproduce your school mascot or logo. This is perfect for graduates of high schools and colleges that exude school pride. Use your school logo graduation stickers as envelope seals and anywhere else you'd like to demonstrate your graduate's pride in graduating from his or her high school or college.

Phrases and initials

You can design simple graduation stickers that include phrases that evoke honor, pride, celebration, new beginnings, success, and other relevant emotions and thoughts. Look to famous quotes, mission statements, and religious verses to create your graduation sticker design.

For a more formal approach, you could also design graduation stickers with the graduate's initials. Place the initials in a script or formal block font, then outline in school colors with a border.

Save the date

Finally, you can print graduation stickers with the graduate's name and date, time, address, and other information about the graduation ceremony and the graduation party. Your friends and family members can then affix these to their calendars so they're sure not to miss the special events you have planned for your loved one's graduation.