Five Father's Day Marketing Tips

Besting the competition on Father's Day can be a challenge since so many companies are vying for limited dollars. You can negate the competition with a sound Father's Day marketing strategy that goes back to the basics. For a refresher course, learn from the following five Father's Day marketing tips.

1. Start with a great mailing list

resources imageThe quality of your mailing list accounts for as much as 40 percent of your success, so it's integral that you starting with a great mailing list if you want to be successful this Father's Day. The first thing you have to do is define precisely who your target customer is. Are you trying to reach fathers, sons, daughters, mothers or grandfathers? Learn everything you can about your target audience and their motivations. Since Father's Day purchases are based on what the customer thinks the gift-recipient wants you have to consider motivation from every angle. Once you've identified shared demographics between your customers, you can build a mailing list using PsPrint's tools and develop the perfect offer and call to action to boost Father's Day sales.

2. Be versatile

No one single marketing method will be more effective than a combination of several, so try to reach your target audience in as many ways as possible. Print and distribute posters, brochures, flyers, postcards and banners. Take out ads on the radio, television, online, and in newspapers and magazines. Contact local and relevant media if you're hosting an event to generate free publicity.

3. Market early and often

resources imageRepetition is key to marketing success, so make sure you take every opportunity to get your message in front of your target audience before Father's Day. You can start marketing right before Mother's Day and carry your efforts through to Father's Day itself. If you're concerned about your marketing budget, remember that it's better to repeat your marketing efforts for a small segment of your audience than to simply blast your entire audience one time.

4. Host an event

Father's Day events such as father/daughter challenges, father/son golf outings, and Father's Day family picnics are great ways to generate free press and brand your company's name. If you pull it off right, you can create a wonderful annual event that brings in revenue year after year.

5. Print high-quality marketing materials

High-quality professionally printed designs pop off the page and tell customers that you are a credible company. Poor designs reflect poorly on your company. Given that professional printing from online companies such as PsPrint is more affordable that desktop printing, it's easy to see why you should print high-quality print marketing materials to yield a high return on investment.