Five Mother's Day Marketing Tips

Five Mother's Day Marketing Tips

Successful Mother's Day marketing presents certain challenges as you go head-to-head with a sea of competitors. Even businesses that you normally do not compete with get into the fray on Mother's Day since gift-buyers are out to find that one perfect gift. If you want to reach your target audience and boost sales this May, try these five Mother's Day marketing tips.

1. Start with a great mailing list

Identify who you're marketing to. Mother's Day marketing means solving the problems and meeting the desires and motivations of several sub-segments, including mothers, daughters, sons, grandmothers, granddaughters, fathers, aunts and many more divided by demographics such as age. That means you have to position your campaign to speak directly to your audience, and build a great mailing list based on your audience's demographics with professional mailing list tools from PsPrint. With the right mailing list, offer and call to action you're practically guaranteed Mother's Day marketing success.

2. Be versatile

You can't rely on a singular marketing method to bring in huge crowds this Mother's Day. Instead, increase your exposure by printing and distributing multiple marketing materials - postcards, posters, full-color flyers, large-format banners, brochures, catalogs, gift-giving guides and more. The more your customers see your special offer, the more likely they are to make Mother's Day purchases.

3. Market early and often

Just as you have to field a variety of marketing materials, you have to distribute them multiple times. Start several weeks before Mother's Day by mailing a postcard, and follow up with a catalog and brochure. Place posters and banners where your target audience is likely to pass. Your ideal scenario is one in which your target customers pass a poster and banner on their way home from work, and then find a postcard or catalog in their mailbox when they get home. Repetition is key to marketing success; and marketing early and often (without overwhelming customers) will lend credibility to your brand name.

4. Host an event

Host a Mother's Day event such as a free mom makeover, a Mother's Day trivia challenge or a record-breaking attempt to reel customers in this May. If budget is a concern, invite complementary and non-competing businesses to help you foot the bill in return for equal exposure. Market your event with printed postcards, posters, flyers and banners; and make sure you contact the media before and after your event to generate free publicity.

5. Print high-quality marketing materials

If your printed marketing materials look bad, your company looks bad. If they look great, your company looks great. High-quality professional printing from PsPrint makes your designs pop off the page and gleam with a brilliant sheen, and it tells your customers that you are a class act company that will take care of their needs. Plus, it's actually cheaper than desktop printing!