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Five New Places for Magnet Marketing

Five New Places for Magnet Marketing

Custom promotional magnets have been around for quite some time. As a matter of fact, you might think that there’s nothing new in terms of marketing with magnets, but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of creative ways you can use magnets to promote your business. Think about it this way: magnets are mobile, they don’t damage surfaces, they’re highly visible, and they are long-lasting and reusable. Magnets are perfect for marketing, and the more creative you are with them, the more they will work for you. Here are a few new ways to think about magnet marketing.

1. Save-the-date mailings

You have probably seen those save-the-date magnets that engaged couples send out to family in friends in preparation for their wedding day. You can take this same approach with an event you are having. Send out magnets that promote your event and ask your customers to save-the-date by putting the magnet on their refrigerator or some other highly visible place. It not only reminds your customers about your event, but it also helps create top-of-mind awareness because of the constant visibility.

2. Take-out menus

Restaurants with take-out and delivery services can use magnets for marketing in new ways, especially when it comes to increasing your lunch business. Condense your menu down to your most popular items and put them on a mini magnet menu. Be sure to put your phone number on it, and make it as noticeable as possible. You can send them out to surrounding companies, you can put them in a highly visible place in your restaurant near the exit, or you can take them out to businesses around your restaurant and stick them in highly visible places. Encourage your customers to put them on their office break room refrigerators or on their desk at work. You can also provide an incentive by telling customers they get a discount if they mention the magnet menu.

3. Distribute from your vehicles

If you have company vehicles, you can use them as distribution points with car door magnets. Print a larger magnet or decal that says “take a magnet, please” and then surround the sign with your business card-sized magnets. When people see your vehicles out in the community, they will pay attention and remember your company whether or not they actually take a magnet.

4. ATMs

Get permission from a local bank to put your magnets on or near their ATM machines. You will have a captive audience as the bank customers wait in line for the machine. ATMs are high-traffic areas that will give you lots of exposure since there is not much else around to distract your viewers.

5. Gas pumps

Everybody has to buy gas, and everyone has time to kill while they’re filling up their vehicle. Again, get permission from the gas station owner to put out your magnets. They will stick to the pumps themselves, or you can put up a distribution board. Much like the ATMs, you have a captive audience that has some time on their hands. It’s a great place to get your magnets noticed.