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Five New Ways to Add Value to Business Cards

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Adding value to business cards is an excellent way to make yourself more memorable when you meet potential customers at conferences, trade shows, business events, on the street, or anywhere else. When you add value to your business cards, you give the recipients incentive to continue looking at your business card, time and again, and that leads to brand recognition. When it's time to buy, they'll come calling.

If you don't want to stick with typical means of adding value to business cards (such as calendars and coupons), try one of the following five new ways to add value to business cards. Each is unique, increasing the likelihood you'll be remembered, and each will showcase how you are unique from your competitors.

Informative checklist

Come up with a list of instructions or checklist for how to do something that is relevant to your business. Are you part of the emerging green industry? You might include a checklist for maintaining an eco-friendly home or office on the back of your business card. Are you a business coach? Maybe you'll place a list of rules for event networking. Whatever it is you're an expert in can form the basis for your business card checklist.

Make it a game

Tired of going to all those boring business conferences and seminars? So is everyone else. Liven things up a bit by turning the back of your business card into a game. Riddles, trivia, puzzles, brainteasers, and other games will be the hit of the event – and everyone will remember that they have you to thank for it.

Fantasy picks

Do you have a specific target market that's also into fantasy sports? Place a list of the top fantasy prospects on the back of your business card. This idea would be perfect for a saloon and sports-related business; and would also help define a connection between you and your customers. This, in turn, could help inspire long-term brand loyalty.

Free music download

Free giveaways on business cards can be a bit quirky, but they're also memorable. Nearly everyone has some sort of hand held music player today, and you can offer a free music download on the back of your business card. The music could be something you own or a specific song you've been granted the rights to do this with (and is relevant to consumers). Or, you can simply pay for a song download of up to, say, one dollar in value when they bring in your business card and receipt. That way you get another chance to touch base with customers. It's not that expensive of an idea, either, when some promotional pens can go for as much as three dollars each.

Make it interactive

Have your business card scored and/or die cut so it can be folded into a unique shape. It could be Origami, a working top that can be spun, or even a flickable football for spur-of-the-moment games. Make sure all surfaces of the folded business card also showcase your brand, name, and contact information.