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Five Ways to Add Value to Folded Cards

Five Ways to Add Value to Folded Cards

Folded cards can serve many purposes for your business, including building customer relationships, attracting attention, and motivating customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. One of the best ways to make folded cards more effective is to add value – including something relevant to your target audience that will make them think, respond, or buy in a certain way. The following lists five ways to add value to folded cards in three different situations.

1. Folded holiday cards

Many businesses send folded cards out for holidays and other special events such as anniversaries and birthdays. You can add value to your folded holiday cards by including a special hand-written note. The sentiments you express must be genuine and specific to each individual customer, but going the extra mile to write your note yourself will go a long way toward solidifying customer relationships and generating customer loyalty.

2. Include a free gift

Another way to add value to folded holiday cards is to include a free gift. It could be a voucher for a dinner out, a free bottle of wine, or another free gift your target audience is likely to love. Giving away a free gift – even when it doesn't have anything to do with your company – is a gesture that will be remembered and appreciated for ages.

3. Folded invitation cards

If you're hosting a special seminar, conference, celebration, sales event, or something else, you can send folded invitation cards to your target audience to boost attendance numbers. Add value to your folded invitation cards by including event freebies, such as a raffle ticket, free hotel room, free dinner, free VIP parking, free entrance to tourist attractions, and other freebies that will motivate likely customers to attend.

4. Folded thank you cards

When you land a new client or customer, do you let them go out the door without telling them thanks? Of course not – it would be rude and perhaps remembered. You can one-up the competition by also sending folded thank you cards to your new customers' homes (or the homes of loyal customers, or past customers who make a new or big purchase) to thank them for their patronage.

5. Add a discount code

Saying thanks is valuable in and of itself, but you can add even more value by including a free gift or discount coupon good toward their next purchase. Not only will you have expressed your gratitude, you will have given your new customers an incentive to come back.

You can alternatively attach a response card to your folded thank you card with an “invite a friend” form. When filled out by your customer and a friend, both parties receive a free gift or a valuable discount from your business. This time you've said thanks, given an incentive to come back, and to bring a friend to double your business when they do! You're building customer relationships and loyalty. That's how adding value to folded cards can increase your business not just immediately, but for years to come.