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Five Ways to Make Business Greeting Cards Convert Customers

Five Ways to Make Business Greeting Cards Convert Customers

Business greeting cards are perfect for letting current and past customers know you appreciate them, but did you know that business greeting cards can also help grow your customer base? Business greeting cards are unexpected by non-customers, so they will be noticed when they arrive in the mail. Most people read greeting cards, regardless of the sender, so you can take this opportunity to position your business greeting cards to convert customers. The following examines five strategies to help you do just that.

1. Special offer

One of the best ways to make greeting cards that convert customers is to pack them with a special offer. A discount from a coupon code or other time-limited incentive can be just the thing your direct mail marketing campaign needs to win the hearts of potential customers.

2. Explanations and information

Another great way to make business greeting cards that convert customers is to explain your relevancy to your customer's interests. A dog groomer might send business greeting cards to targeted dog owners explaining that they own their own show dogs, thus establishing expertise and relevancy. This leads to customer trust, so when their dogs need grooming they will hopefully want to employ you – or for whatever it is you do, of course.

3. Coupons

Coupons are good ways to build your customer base with business greeting cards. Insert perforated coupon sheets inside your business greeting cards, or print them right in one of the inside or back panels. Try coupons for two, in which the business greeting card recipient shares the deal with a friend to double your marketing reach and grow your customer base exponentially. Don't forget to include a tracking mechanism so you can measure response rates.

4. Free gifts

What better way to introduce potential customers to your products or services than with a free gift? When you send business greeting cards with free gifts, your communications will be unassuming and appreciated. A restaurant, for example, could send business greeting cards to potential patrons for a free entree. Once the recipients come in for their free meal, the restaurant has the opportunity to make a great impression that will bring them back for more, paid meals time and time again.

5. Sincere blessings

Finally, you can consider sending business greeting cards with sincere blessings and wishes of well-being to potential customers – and this alone can convert business. Why? People like to deal with those they like and who appreciate them, so business greeting cards with the sincerest blessings can help break the ice and make customers appreciative of who you are and what you do. This leads to customer loyalty and repeat business. When customers feel taken care of, they'll want to do business with you. They'll also be likely to tell their friends and family members about your company, so you can enjoy the most powerful marketing tool there is: word-of-mouth advertising.