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Four Awesome Hooks for Flyers

Four Awesome Hooks for Flyers

If you want to attract customers to your business, product or event, then it’s time to make some outstanding flyers. Promoting with the same old boring and standard flyers is not going to get the job done. Put on your creative thinking cap and try to find new ways to promote your business, product or event. The goal is to bring people in the door, so make your flyers fun and exciting.

1. Die-cut club card flyers

If you want to make your flyers fun and inviting, use die cuts to make them into shapes. Die-cut flyers will get noticed. Imagine a flyer in the shape of a guitar or microphone, or a card cut with the outline of a partying crowd. Using shapes will get the attention of potential and will get them in the door.

2. Print a discount on the flyer

Give your customer an incentive to show up by offering a discount or coupon somewhere on your promotional flyer. It can be a percentage off admission or a product or service, or maybe a buy one/get one offer. Make it worthwhile and give your customers another reason to want to show up.

3. Print an upcoming events calendar on back

If your business or nonprofit has a lot of events coming up, be sure to put a calendar on back of your flyers. Even if the recipient of your flyer can’t show up for the current event you are promoting, maybe they will be interested in another event in the future. Don’t give up an opportunity to promote your other events in advance – you never know what might bring in a new customer.

4. QR codes

QR codes are a smart idea, and you can use them on your flyers to reach customers with cell phones. Put together a special video or mobile coupon that the QR code can link to online and allow customers to interact with the flyer. It’s a great way to tie-in your flyers with your website presence, and it gives you one more way to reach out to your customers. Almost everyone has a cellphone, so QR codes are almost a must when you are promoting your business or nonprofit.