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Four Business Card Printing Tips You Never Thought Of

Four Business Card Printing Tips You Never Thought Of

Savvy marketers know business cards are more than simple contact information deliverers; they can be powerful marketing tools. When you use business cards to brand your image, add value for customers, and motivate sales, they become 24/7 sales tools always ready to convince customers you're the perfect business partner. The following lists four business card printing tips you've never thought of, but should consider as means to more sales.

Die-cut business card printing

Having your business cards die cut into unique shapes isn't just some cutesy way to show off; it's a great way to impact the impression customers have of your brand. If you want to be bold, try square or jumbo square business cards. If you want to appear modern, print slim business cards or cards shaped in an angled parallelogram. You can have miniature holes cut in a corner of your business card to represent technology; or, have your business cards cut into a shape reminiscent of your business (such as a dog tag shape for a pet groomer) to command attention.

Folded business card printing

Folded business cards present a world of marketing opportunities. For one, they double your space so you can tell customers more about the benefits of doing business with you. You can turn an extra fold into a perforated time-limited discount coupon that can be tracked to determine your return on investment; or, you can turn it into a referral card that gives both parties a discount and allows you to simultaneously track your return and expand your customer base through incentivized word of mouth marketing.

Super-thick business cards

Ultra business cards are a great way to stand out in a crowd. Ultra business cards are a luxurious, deluxe business card that feels sturdy in your customers and prospects hands and makes a bold impression. Ultra business cards are triple thick, with an eye-popping stripe of color in the middle. Try to match the colored stripe to your brand for a nice personal touch.

Uncoated business cards

Most companies print paper stocks that are coated with a glossy or matte coating on both sides, or C2S. But uncoated business cards allow you to turn your business cards into customizable sales tools. You can handwrite notes or special offers right right on the card. Or, use it as an appointment card and use a pen or pencil to write down names, dates, times, and so on and so forth.

Business card printing is a wonderful way to reach out to customers and leave them with your contact information. But with a bit of brainstorming and ingenuity, they can become full-fledged marketing tools that help you grow your business.