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Get the Word Out Fast With Card Design Templates

Get the word out Fast with Card Design Templates

Spreading the word about a business or product is imperative to the success of that product or business. In many cases, companies will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to ensure that people know what they have to offer. But you can do it fast, easy, and cheap with card design templates for business cards, postcards, invitation cards and greeting cards. Read on to find out why card design templates can help you get the word out today.

Space constraints

One of the first things that card design templates will do is help you understand the space constraints that are associated with the cards. When you simply try to use your home computer to make the cards you may end up creating something that will not fit on the card itself but looks great on the screen. Card design templates have guidelines that indicate where the safe area is and where background bleeds should extend to, as well as the cut lines. In addition, well-designed card templates make use of white space – a graphic designer's and reader's friend – so your card designs look great hot off the press and in your customers' hands.

They're pre-formatted

Card design templates are pre-formatted in the proper size, color mode and resolution so you can guarantee they're print-ready. This means you won't waste time on designs that will look blurry when printed. Many amateurs make the mistake of believing that what they see on the computer screen is what they'll get off the press. This is only true if your card design templates are set up in the proper color mode, which is four-color process CMYK, and resolution, which must be at least 300 dpi. In comparison, most images made specifically for computer screens are in RGB color at around 72 dpi. Such images would look blurry when printed on a professional press, so make sure your templates and properly formatted before you commit to them.

Superior design

When you are creating your card design template you need to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward. Take advantage of the space that you have available and get your point across. In addition to proper use of white space, professional graphic designers know how to infuse graphic elements such as large, colorful headlines and highlighted benefits that command customer attention and help their eyes flow to the most important selling points in your text. This makes design templates worthwhile because they are specifically designed to lay the ground work for the best possible sales cards.

You can get them for free

Many websites offer paid versions of professionally designed card design templates; however, if you know where to look you can quickly find hundreds of free card design templates that look just as great as their paid counterparts. When return on investment is of utmost importance, it literally pays to be able to download free card design templates for your business and product promotions.