Going Green with Die-Cut Stickers

resources imageThere's no longer any doubt that eco-friendly companies are favored by many customers, and there's no indication that this trend will slow. Green business practices demonstrate that you care about your customers and the environment they live in. It also allows you to cut costs while you contribute toward a cleaner biosphere. Few eco-friendly strategies are easier to implement than green printing, and die-cut stickers offer the perfect opportunity to market to environmentally conscious customers. Here's your guide to going green with die-cut stickers:

Print with soy inks

When you print your die-cut stickers using soy-based inks, you significantly reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds released during the drying process. Traditional petroleum-based inks contain a high volume of VOCs in comparison to soy inks. Not only that, but soy inks spread farther and are capable of producing more vibrant colors than petroleum inks, making your die-cut stickers brighter and more vivid, which helps you to command attention without spending an extra dime.

Order an electronic proof

You should always order a hardcopy die-cut sticker proof for your first run, but subsequent print jobs for the same design and even those that have only minor text changes can be proofed electronically. Instead of sending a physical hardcopy proof, you will be e-mailed a PDF proof against which you can double-check your layout, copy and colors. Electronic proofs aren't quite as accurate when it comes to color matching, but they are an excellent cost-saving and eco-friendly measure your company can take.

Spread the green news

resources imagePromote your company's green agenda by including a green or soy ink logo somewhere on your sticker. Even a small line such as "Eco-friendly product" is enough to tell the world that you're proactive about preserving the third planet from the sun. If you're printing a large sticker, find space to include a short explanation of your company's green practices and encourage others to go green as well. In fact, you could run an entire public relations campaign on your eco-friendly agenda in full or supplemented by custom die-cut stickers. People like to believe in the companies they purchase from and, in today's world, eco-friendly companies are rapidly pulling ahead. Going green with die-cut stickers is one of the easiest ways to save money, save the earth and bolster your public image. In fact, there's no reason why any company that prints custom stickers shouldn't go green with die-cut sticker printing. Armed with the eco-friendly tips in this article, you can confidently say you're implementing green business practices.