Going Green with ID Badges

If your company has a green agenda, ID badges represent the perfect opportunity to continue implementing eco-friendly business practices. Going green has many advantages: It saves money, enhances your public image, saves the environment and boosts sales. In fact, many customers are choosing products and services based on how environmentally conscious companies are, so it pays to go green with ID badges. Here's your guide to going green with ID badges the easy way:

Print with soy inksresources image

Petroleum-based inks, used by most printers, emit a high level of volatile organic compounds. These VOCs are damaging to the environment. Soy-based inks, however, contain far fewer VOCs so they're a safe and eco-friendly choice for your ID badges. Soy inks have other benefits, too, including the fact that they're capable of producing more vibrant colors than petroleum inks so you can more easily stand out, look great and attract attention with your ID badges.


Not only should you recycled your old ID badges, you should choose a printer such as PsPrint that recycles all of its paper waste. Being an eco-friendly company means making eco-friendly purchases yourself, and you should hold your vendors to the same green standards you enforce in your environment. ID badges also offer the perfect opportunity to encourage others to recycle - a green logo or sentence at the top of your ID cards can be enough to get people thinking about what they can do to help the eco-friendly movement.

Spread the green word on the backside

The back of your ID badge offers plenty of real estate to promote your green efforts. Take this opportunity to tell your customers, event attendees and employees about your eco-friendly efforts. Even better, add value to your ID badges by including a list of green policies employees should follow, or green practices trade show/conference attendees can employ at home. An entertaining and meaningful historical time line of green events worldwide can give your ID badge a unique perspective and effect positive changes of habit.

Get an electronic proof

resources imageYou should always get a hardcopy proof the first time you print a new job, but for subsequent print runs or those that are very similar to the original you can opt for an electronic proof delivered via e-mail for your inspection. You'll lose some color matching capabilities, but you'll still be able to double-check your layout and text. You'll also save on printing supplies, delivery energy and postage. As you can see, going green with ID badges is affordable, easy and convenient for any business or organization. Follow these tips for going green with ID badges to enhance your PR, contribute toward a cleaner environment, save money and boost sales.