Going Green with Stickers

Many organizations have adopted a green agenda, and for good reason. Eco-friendly efforts not only help the environment and keep eco-conscious customers happy, they can significantly reduce costs. Did you know you can also apply green techniques to vinyl stickers? Here's how:

Print with soy inks

Stickers printed with soy inks are more environmentally friendly than their traditional petroleum-based counterparts. This is because soy inks release far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the drying process. Soy inks have the added benefits of producing brighter, more vibrant colors and spreading farther on the press, so your sticker printing uses less link, but your stickers still look bold and beautiful.

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Recycled old stickers

If you have old or unused stickers, see if you can locate a vinyl recycling company that will take them. If not, browse around for more creative ways to recycle your vinyl stickers. Some companies create vinyl bags and other merchandise by recycling other vinyl products, including stickers.

Add value for staying power

If you add value to your stickers, they'll have more staying power. A sports or performance schedule, event calendar, or unique design can motivate your customers to permanently affix your stickers to helmets, vehicles, desks, filing cabinets and more. The more value your stickers have, the more staying power they have - reducing the number of stickers you print and reducing your sticker printing costs.

Tell the world you've gone green

resources imageThere's no harm in telling the world you've gone green with your stickers. Plus, it's a great PR move. Try to incorporate green logos into your sticker design or even include a short blurb about your organization's green efforts. If you send your stickers to a vinyl recycling company (or a handbag manufacturer), tell your story through your stickers. Again, adding value is another great way to promote your company's eco-friendliness. You could create a sticker of a checklist to remind others about green practices they can implement. Now that has staying power! Going green with vinyl stickers is easy and cost effective. If you use a lot of stickers, recycling can significantly save on waste disposal. Plus, a clean, green image is always a boon to an organization's public relations record. Often, going green is easier than you think - and saves money, too. Going green with your stickers is easier than ever, so don't miss this opportunity to enhance your image and save money and the environment. Go green with stickers!