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Halloween Party Invitation Wording

Halloween Party Invitation Wording

October 31st once seemed to be exclusive to children roaming the neighborhoods with the familiar cry of “trick or treat! Today, however, Halloween parties – for children and adults – are more popular than ever. And one of the staples of a great Halloween party is a spooky and fun Halloween invitation. If you're not sure how to create party invitations wording for this year's Halloween celebration, look no further than the following passages! Movie-themed party

Jason, Michael, Chucky and Freddy, Team Edward and Jacob They’re all party ready. Leatherface and Norman Bates Are on the guest list, too All the killers and psychos are coming, We’re just waiting to hear from you. You are invited to attend A Horror Halloween Party Date and time Location Address City, State Please come dressed as your favorite horror movie villain or character!

Vampire party

“We invite you into our home” For a Halloween BYOB Bash (Bring Your Own Blood) On date and time At the mausoleum of Count and Countess Johnson 666 Jugular Lane Transylvania Please no crosses, garlic or wooden stakes

Haunted house party

Our home is becoming The house on Haunted Hill on date and time so come for a thrill We’ll have a ghostly good time Bring the kids if you dare One thing is for sure You’ll get a good scare Brenda and Bob’s house Date and time Address City, State Please RSVP to phone number

Spooky invitation

The undead demand the honor of your ghostly presence On All Hallows’ Eve At the Crypt of John and Jill Edwards From 7:00 p.m. until the witching hour ends Address City, State RSVP to phone number by date, or heads will roll Eye of newt and witch’s brew served

Rhyming spooky invite

Vampires and werewolves Will mingle together Zombies and mutants Will chat about weather The living and dead Will offer a toast Which realm is the greatest? No one will boast Witches and Warlocks Won’t battle who’s best Quarreling and feuding Will be put to rest On Halloween the ghouls won’t fight They will be at peace But just for this night The residents of the Underworld invite you to celebrate a holiday in their honor on October 31st at 7:00 p.m. Location Address City, State

Buckets of blood and bat wings galore Snakes and eyeballs And plenty of gore Creepy crawlers Spiders and slime All mean one thing It’s Halloween time! Join us for a Halloween celebration On date and time At location Address City, State Please come in costume!