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How to Dress Up Birth Announcements with Foil Stamps

How to Dress Up Birth Announcements with Foil Stamps

Birth announcements are your baby's introduction to the world, the way proud new parents first share the news of their new bundle of joy with friends, family, and loved ones. When you design your own birth announcements, or if you've been hired to design custom birth announcements for a happy family, you can dress them up with foil stamps.

Foil stamps add a new dimension to birth announcements that make them seem more formal, more fun, and altogether more powerful. They bring personality to your birth announcements so they become keepsakes in their own right, perfect for framing or scrap-booking. The following highlights several techniques you can use to add flair to your birth announcements with foil stamps.

Formal birth announcements with foil stamp outlines

Use foil stamps to outline text, images, information boxes, and as separators between important information for formal aesthetics. Stick with thin strokes to denote elegance, and keep accompanying colors simple, whether light or bold. To add depth, use double or triple foil stamped lines.

Fun birth announcements with foil stamp fills

Foil stamps can also be used as fills rather than outlines for a more fun appeal to your birth announcements. Try filling large typeface fonts, information boxes, or images with large foil stamps. The result is a big, bold announcement that can't be missed – and still carries importance alongside the message. You can also incorporate foil stamps as separating lines by using fun shapes, symbols, dotted lines, or dashes.

Symbolic birth announcements with foil stamps

You can create an “official seal” and have it foil stamped on your birth announcements, or use photo stamps in symbolic shapes and patterns to add more meaning to your message. Perhaps you have a family coat of arms, or a representative family animal, or other shape you can recreate with a foil stamp for your birth announcements. Doing so adds a personal touch that can't be reproduced or duplicated by other birth announcements – it dignifies your birth announcement, and the baby it is announcing, as special and without peer.

Start with a free template

To set up your birth announcements with foil stamps, first download a free birth announcement template from PsPrint. These templates are pre-formatted in the proper color mode, size, and resolution; and additionally include helpful guidelines so you know to properly position your birth announcement and ensure a perfect print run. You can also try PsPrint’s free birth announcement design templates. You can customize the color, size, images and text.