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How To Make Hypnotic Pocket Folders

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders are powerful branding tools that are also exceptionally useful for pulling all your marketing materials together in one convenient-to-carry package. Also known as presentation folders, these marketing devices lend a professional image to your brand and help customers sift through the natural information flow involved with sales, whether you're selling B2B or B2C, big ticket items or smaller products and services. The better your pocket folders, the more powerful your presentation, so keep the following tips in mind to make hypnotic pocket folders that will help you seal the deal. Unique folds and die cuts help brand your company Avoid printing pocket folders that look like run-of-the-mill school folders by incorporating unique die-cuts and folds into the mix. For example, you could print a tri-fold pocket folder with the front fold sliced in half and at an angle to add a dynamic, modern appeal to your presentation. You can also have holes die cut in the middle of your cover to reveal a glimpse of what's inside; this is a particularly powerful technique if you print interior materials that work with the holes – for example, a logo, product image or smiling face peeking out through them. Unique fold and die cut ideas include top flaps, so that your pocket folder is essentially rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and angled pockets to get away from the square parallel look. Bold branding Big logos and liberal use of company colors can help your pocket folders stand out. At the same time, use of white space and a minimalist design philosophy can actually make your brand seem bolder than if you load your pocket folder covers with lots of information. A single logo or wordmark on the front and back of your pocket folders is often the best way to go. Don't underestimate how much your choice of paper stock can influence customer perception about your brand, products and services. Printing pocket folders on 12-point gloss cover stock lends thickness and weight, which have been proven to lend a feeling of trust, confidence, and create desire – essentially, thickness and weight motivate customers to buy. Add a high-gloss AQ coating for a brilliant shine and ultra-smooth finish or, if your brand demands a more elegant approach, select a satin coating. Both can have a major impact on how customers perceive your brand. Another way to prominently display your brand on pocket folders is to incorporate foil stamps. You might, for example, print your logo with a foil stamp outline or fill. You could even run a foil stamp line all the way around the borders of your pocket folders; or even print pocket folders with covers that are entirely foil stamped for maximum impact. Include die cuts for add-ons Don't forget to print pocket folders with die cuts for add-ons such as business cards, CDs and DVDS, and USB flash drives. Such add-ons can make it easy for customers to follow up with you and learn more about your company, products and services through different media channels. You might even want to include two business card slots – business card for customers, another for customers to give to friends, family and colleagues. Make pocket folders marketing materials in their own right Don't waste valuable interior pocket folder real estate; instead, reinforce your brand image with bulleted features and benefits, images of products or happy customers, your company's story or philosophy, QR codes and URLs, and any other powerfully pertinent information that lends itself to your brand image, creates desire, and motivates customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. You shouldn't clutter your pocket folders, of course, but adding relevant information in key areas, such as the middle flap, on the folder flaps, and even behind your marketing materials can add an element of pleasant surprise your customers will appreciate and remember. Fill your pocket folders with powerful marketing materials Last but certainly not least, the best pocket folders feature the best marketing materials. Add business cards, flyers, booklets, posters, letterhead, notepads, brochures, sales sheets, CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives, newsletters, news clippings, stickers, calendars, bookmarks, and magnets to your pocket folders. Doing so will help you reinforce your pitch and also give customers something tangible they can take with them. You don't have to include all of these items in every single pocket folder; however, it's a good idea to completely understand what marketing materials are available to you so you can make the best selections for inclusion in your pocket folders. Make your pocket folders relevant to your customers: some might want posters; others, calendars; and still others, booklets, and so on and so forth. It depends on your industry and your customers. Printing powerful pocket folders isn't difficult, but it does require some thought and planning. As you go through the planning stage, put yourself in your customers' shoes. What will they see when they first receive your pocket folder? How about when they open it? What will excite them? What would excite you? How will they know which marketing materials to read first (printing sales sheets in different, staggered heights can be a great way to control information flow and presentation). Finally, what will they do once they've finished looking at your pocket folder – have you included a powerful call to action? No matter what type of business you're in, you can print hypnotic pocket folders that draw customers in, lend a powerful impression of your brand, and ultimately motivate sales. Keep these tips in mind when you plan, design and print your pocket folders, and you'll maximize your response rate and ultimate profitability with pocket folder printing.