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How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

You can make your own wedding invitations fast and easy – and still end up with high-quality professional results – when you follow these tips.

Designate wedding announcers

Before you can make your own wedding invitations, you need to figure out who will be the designated announcer for your wedding invitations. Your designated wedding invitation announcers are typically the people who are hosting the wedding; and in traditional weddings the designated wedding announcers are the parents of the bride.

Each wedding is different, however, and you should always customize yours to fit your unique situation. If the parents of the bride and the groom are helping with expenses, then both should announce the wedding. If you're hosting the wedding on your own, then you can announce the wedding yourself. Ultimately, you should pick the people who feel right to you. It is your wedding, after all, and the designated wedding invitation announcers should be people who are important to you.


Today's technology has made it easy to print your own wedding invitations. You can use design programs such as Photoshop, download free and paid wedding invitation templates to quickly customize. PsPrint has a gallery of easy-to-personalize wedding invitation designs. Always start with a free wedding invitation layout template, which will make it easy to ensure you make your own wedding invitations properly.


Traditional wedding invitations normally include an RSVP. The problem is that many people never take the time to send an email or make a phone call letting you know they'll be in attendance. You can help remedy this by inserting special RSVP cards and/or envelopes, stamped or postage paid, into your wedding invitations. You might also include printed save the date magnets your invited guests can place on the fridges to remind them to RSVP – and to show up.

Choose casual or formal wedding invitation wording

If your wedding is to be casual or formal, you should choose invitation wording that matches. Everything about your wedding invitation should match your wedding theme. For example, if you are a casual person who wants a wedding outside with a picnic and a laid-back setting, you may want casual wording. If your wedding is going to be extravagant with a lot of bridesmaids, groomsmen, expensive dresses, and a full-course meal, you may want to choose elegant wedding invitation wording.

You may also want to add a quote or a poem that is important to you and your fiancée. For example, you can write a poem that expresses your love for one another. You could alternatively add lyrics to your favorite love song.

Get professional printing

The final – and perhaps most import – step in making your own wedding invitations is to find a high-quality online professional printing company. Look for premium invitation paper stocks, including thick 16-point paper, smooth 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating or eco-friendly 13-point 100% recycled matte.