ID Badge Design Essentials

Great ID badge design does more than simply identify someone. It markets your company and enhances brand recognition. Design your ID badge with three goals in mind: to attract attention, to clearly state your message and to add value. The following ID badge design tips will help you meet these goals and craft an ID badge design that boosts profits:

Attract attention

resources imageClever ID badge design attracts attention and can be accomplished through the use of several design devices. Contrasting colors help your ID badge stand out against clothing. Highlight the most important information on your ID badge such as name and rank with large bold fonts and colors. Your colors should be consistent with your company's colors for branding purposes. You can likewise command attention with die-cut ID badges (choose from hundreds of pre-formatted die templates or create a custom die), or have your ID badges foil stamped for a colorful, metallic sheen that can't be missed. A cool, attractive and unique ID badge design gets looks and inspires emotion.

Clearly state your message

As stated, your ID badge design must clearly state your message. Each ID badge can promote multiple messages. For example, an ID badge designed for a trade show might identify the wearer's name and company (message 1), brand the trade show sponsors (message 2) and include a VIP line to entice event attendees to visit a specific area for marketing purposes (message 3). Again, your design should highlight important information in an easy-to-follow and attractive layout.

Add value

resources imageID badges are most effective when they add value for your company, your employees or your customers. Effective, branded design adds value for your company; a department directory printed on the back adds value for your employees; and vendor coupons on the back adds value for your customers/trade show attendees, for example. Quality design takes your ID badges from simple information mini-kiosks to full-fledged marketing collateral.

Use a template

For the ultimate in ID badge design efficiency, get a free ID badge layout template that includes bleed lines, cutlines and a safety area so you can correctly position your design. Pre-formatted templates are already set up in the proper color mode and resolution, so you can be sure that your files are indeed print-ready. Templates are especially useful when you're designing a die-cut ID badge and can be custom-created to match your custom die. ID badge design can be powerful and invigorating. The right design can project the right image and send the right message to entice potential customers to take the next step in the purchasing process. Follow these ID badge design tips to make your ID badges a return on investment-boosting part of your marketing strategy.