Invitation Printing Techniques

resources imageInvitation printing is the best way to attract attendees to a business or social event, whether you're hosting a seminar, a baby shower, a religious ceremony, a wedding, a birthday party or anything else that requires a gathering of great people. All invitations are not created equal, and printing your own invitations is a superior way to demonstrate importance, prestige or transcendental events. You can employ the following invitation printing techniques to make your invitations special, memorable and most of all attractive to potential attendees.

Premium invitation paper

Start by choosing a premium invitation paper that feels smooth, thick and strong in your invitees' hands. An ultra-thick 16-point gloss cover stock, for example, has a bright glossy sheen that makes your design colors pop with brilliance. Alternatively, you could choose a 13-point matte stock for an elegant sheen that enriches and deepens colors. Matte stock such as this can be ordered as a recycled paper as well, so you can promote eco-friendly practices and green events with ease.

Die cut

resources imageDie cuts are a great way to make your invitations unique, and lend the impression of credibility and foster interest in your event. You can print invitations in just about any shape. Rounded corners are elegant, while an invitation printed in the shape of a bride, baby, birthday cake or unity candle would be great for social gatherings. If you're going to print a die-cut invitation, you can choose from pre-made designs or you can have a template made for you to make the design process exceedingly quick and easy. Such templates come pre-formatted so all you have to do is follow the guidelines and draw your design. You'll have confidence knowing that your artwork file is setup correctly to be printed without hassles, delays or budget wastes.

Foil stamp for fun and prestige

The shine of a foil stamp foil stamp dresses up your invitation in ways ink cannot. You can employ foil stamps to lend prestige, as with an official seal or outlines; or you can use a foil stamp on your invitation to invoke a sense of fun and humor - a fake award, for example. Contact your printer before you decide to add a foil stamp to determine the best way to indicate how the foil stamp should appear and how to designate where it goes within your artwork layout.

Get the add-ons

To make life easier, choose convenient add-ons for your printed invitations. Such additions save time, and time is money. They include having your invitations folded so you don't have to hand-fold them, having matching envelopes printed for a cohesive appeal, and having your invitations sent out directly from the printer so you don't have to waste time and money in shipping them to you and mailing them out yourself. When you use these invitation printing techniques to craft unique and memorable invitations that get noticed and reduce setup time, the only question will be what to do with your extra time.