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Letterhead Printing Tricks that Exude Confidence

resources imageConfidence is integral to all businesses - you have to be confident in your ability to meet your customers' demands with the products and services you provide in order to be successful. You undoubtedly know this, but have you ever thought of letterhead printing as a way to demonstrate your confidence? If you're like many marketers, the answer is no. But considering that letterhead is a major form of communication within your industry, it's obvious that letterhead printing presents an excellent opportunity to exude confidence and win new business as well as new sales from loyal customers. Fortunately, there are several letterhead printing tricks that will help you do just that.


First and foremost, evaluate your letterhead paper quality. Plain stock paper says you're simply a plain, stock company; but smooth, glossy paper and textured paper both send messages that you are confident in your work. A premium 24 pound synergy bond paper is smooth and glossy so your letterhead design delivers a bright punch, while a 70-pound white wove paper has a texture that lends connotations of stability to your message. Both are excellent choices when printing letterhead.

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Clear, crisp folds likewise demonstrate professionalism and confidence, so it's a good idea to have your letterhead either folded or scored for easy folding. Nothing looks more haphazard than an ill-folded piece of paper hastily stuffed into an envelope, and relying on others to do the folding tends to be a waste of time when you can have your letterhead folded and scored for you on the cheap.


Last but not least, try printing on both sides of your letterhead. A large, full-color logo on the back of your letterhead clearly demonstrates your confidence. It is the first thing your customers see when they pull your letterhead out of the envelope, and it can be seen by many others as that someone reads your message. The best part is that none of these confidence-exuding letterhead printing techniques is very expensive. In fact, you could employ all of them on your letterhead without cluttering your design or detracting from the message - instead, they will enhance your message and reinforce that you are the company that will get the job done.