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How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is one of the most personally special celebrations you'll ever experience, so it stands to reason that you're seeking the perfect personalization in all aspects of the ceremony and beyond. The best way to add a personal touch to anything is to do it yourself, but when it comes to weddings sometimes it seems like there's little you can do yourself or that there's so much to do you can't devote enough time to everything. Fortunately, you can make your own affordable wedding invitations quick and easy.

Collect your thoughts

Since your wedding invitations are so important, take the time to brainstorm precisely how you'd like them to appear. What are some of the core, unique qualities of your relationship? How can your invitation design highlight these? Once you've collected your thoughts, you can begin to gather artwork while you continue to formulate and finalize your idea. Take photos of you and your significant other to use on your wedding invitations and check out sites such as Creative Commons and any of the many stock photo websites to find elegant wedding bells, celebratory dove images, rings, and other graphics and borders you might want to use in your design. The more time you take to investigate your options, the more likely inspiration will strike, and you'll end up with truly original wedding invitations for your special day.

Layout your design

Download a free invitation template that's pre-formatted for size, resolution and color. The PsPrint print layout templates also include special markings (safe area, bleed lines, cut lines) along with directions so you know where your design should be placed for the best look. The best thing about layout templates is that they are not designs - only guidelines - and so you can use them and still create 100 percent custom wedding invitations.

When you layout your design, consider these things:

  • What information needs to be on your wedding invitations? Is it easy to read?
  • What images you would like on your wedding invitations?
  • What size your wedding invitation will be?
  • Will your invitations be folded?
  • Will you include an elegant border or foil stamp?
Print and mail your wedding invitations

Once your wedding invitation design is set, the hard work is over. Now all you have to do is order your wedding invitations online at PsPrint. Choose from options such as paper stock - a 13-point 100% recycled matte is eco-friendly and elegant, while a super-thick 16-point gloss brims with brilliance. Our smooth 15-point velvet paper with soft-touch coating adds elegance to any wedding invitation. These professional-grade paper stocks enhance the quality of your design. You'll also have to decide whether to have your online printing company fold your wedding invitations for you. They'll likewise place them in envelopes, apply the addresses and affix postage, and mail them out for you. These are all convenient time-saving measures many wedding planners appreciate. Your wedding is your special day, one that cannot be duplicated by any other couple at any other time. Why settle for run of the mill wedding invitations when you can make your own wedding invitations for about the same price?