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Meet & Learn 10/2014: Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

PsPrint held its first Meet & Learn event, talking to our nonprofit customers the benefits of direct-mail marketing. We shared helpful tips for direct-mail campaigns focused on promoting nonprofits. Direct mail is essential for promoting your organization to your housefile and prospective donors. Some interesting facts:

  • Direct mail has an incredible 54% read rate with 3.99% conversion
  • Direct mail brings in 78% of donations for nonprofits
  • More than three-times as many donors said they were prompted to donate online in response to a direct-mail campaign (compared to an email campaign).

PsPrint offers several key products to promoting your nonprofit, including EDDM postcards, brochures and adhesive banners, which are great for temporary event signage and inexpensive branding. We know that many nonprofits do not have a graphic designer on staff, which is why we offer design services to help your printed piece make a powerful impression. We understand that direct-mail campaigns can be difficult to plan and execute, so we can guide you through the campaign — whether its standard direct mail or local EDDM — from printing to mailing. If you want to see our presentation,  you can  click here to view a PDF of our presentation.