Mommy Card Design Essentials

resources imageMommy cards are a trendy and useful way to share contact information between mothers to set up play dates and other activities for children and parents alike. For graphic designers, mommy cards represent a unique opportunity to cash in on a growing market. As more parents embrace the fact that it is important to exchange contact information with the parents of the children their own children are growing up with, the more mommy cards are needed. Not all mommy card designs are created equal, and with the right design a mommy card can say nearly as much about a mother as she can herself. The following details mommy card design essentials every designer should keep in mind.

Design for personality

Custom mommy card design requires the designer to interview the mother in question to determine her likes and personality. The more your mommy card design matches personality, the more creative and unique it will be. Based on personality, you might design a mommy card that is sweet and flowery, athletic and adventurous, or something else altogether. Use personality to develop an overall theme that is carried throughout your mommy card design.

Include basic information

resources imageAt its most basic, a good mommy card design should include the mother's name, the first name of the child she is the parent of, a phone number and an e-mail address. But you're not limited to this basic information, and including more can help bridge relationships and build lasting bonds through shared interests. You might, for example, include favorite hobbies as a list on the back of the mommy card - divided by a list of the child's favorite things and the mother's favorite things. Examples include books, playgrounds, gardening, finger paints, dolls, action figures, swimming and bicycling - but of course anything can go here.

Keep it fun

Many generic mommy card designs employ animal icons in an attempt to match personalities; so for custom mommy cards, you can match animals and other fun icons to your customers' personalities. You can also include large photos of mothers, their children or both together. Some mommy card designs include photos of the entire family. No matter how you design your mommy cards, be sure to keep them fun and engaging, yet simple and sweet, so that when they're handed out others are immediately attracted to the visual aesthetics and want to get to know the mommies and their children better.

Start with a template

As with all print designs, it's important that the final finished mommy card design looks as great after printing as it does during the design process. The best way to do this is to start with a mommy card design layout template, which includes no graphic elements but has guidelines to help you ensure that your design is in the safe cutting area and that your backgrounds extend all the way to the edge. In addition to positioning guidelines, these free templates are also pre-formatted in the correct size, resolution and color mode. Best of all, they save setup time - so you can be a more efficient designer.