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New Ways to Design Thank You Cards

New Ways to Design Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are some of the best ways to express your gratitude to others in a meaningful way, but many thank you cards seem to be generic carbon copies of those that came before. It's easy to get into a thank you card design rut, especially given the nature of the message is always the same. You don't want to over-design thank you cards, either, because many want room to include personalized notes. As a graphic designer, your job is challenging; but with a bit of inspiration you can come up with new ways to design thank you cards senders will love to buy and recipients will love to receive.

Custom-purpose thank you cards

As mentioned, most thank you cards are generic because the designers want to leave senders the option of personalizing them with the reason for sending. This creates opportunity for an enterprising designer to come up with specifically-purposed thank you cards to match several different occasions. You might create a thank you card design expressing gratitude for being there in a time of need, for a wedding gift, for volunteering, for a gift, for attending an event, for making a purchase, or any number of other reasons.

Postcard thank you cards

Most thank you cards are printed like greeting cards; they are half-folded. Yours don't have to be; you might instead choose to send large-format postcards as thank you cards. The extra-large size means your thank you cards will be noticed in the mailbox, and you can get away with sending thank you cards without envelopes. This will reduce your postage fee, and is ideal for budget weddings and other large scale events for which one might have to thank many people.

Magnet thank you cards

Another great way to design thank you cards that strays from the norm is to create magnet thank you cards. Magnet thank you cards have extra-long lasting power because your recipients will likely place them on their refrigerators for many years of cherished memories. Design magnet thank you cards as mementos of gratitude and include a photo of the event or, in the case of a wedding thank you card, of the bride and groom at the wedding or on their honeymoon.

Magnet thank you cards can also be sent with traditional greeting card thank you cards, so that you can retain tradition and still include a modern twist that recipients will share with family and friends. And, every time your magnets are seen, your recipients will be reminded of your gratitude for the special role they've played in your life.

Thank you card tips

No matter what type of thank you card you're going to send, consider the following tips to help you get started:

  • Craft an eye-catching and meaningful thank you card design
  • Download a free layout template before you get started to ensure a perfect print run
  • Have fun with your thank you cards, and speak from the heart