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Off-the-Wall Labor Day Marketing Strategies

resources imageAsk any good marketer what, if all other things are equal, is the most effective way to turn marketing investment into sales and they'll say the ability to attract attention and differentiate yourself from the competition. A great mailing list, compelling offer, perfect copy, and dangerously delicious design will yield high profits; but you can skyrocket sales when you break the mold and incorporate some of these off-the-wall Labor Day marketing strategies.

Break a world record

Attempt to break a world record to get great free media coverage and community engagement, especially on an extended weekend. Print and distribute newsletters, flyers, door hangers, postcards, brochures and other materials promoting the event. Make sure your products and services are showcased. Your world record could be relevant to Labor Day, the season or to a very specific target audience. Examples of world records you could try to break include:

  • ]]>Largest pumpkin pie]]> - More than 12 feet long and 2,000 pounds!
  • World's longest bottle cap line - At 260 bottle caps and 13 feet long, this one should be a cinch to break. Just get 300 people together and smash the record!
  • ]]>Fastest game of Operation]]> - Can you beat 21.87 seconds?

resources image

On-the-wall marketing

Sometimes the most off-the-wall marketing is actually on the wall - literally. Print full-color stickers you can affix anywhere: walls, ceilings, restrooms, light posts, bumpers, magazines, store/mall floors, windows and anywhere else your target audience is likely to see them. Be humorous or creative for a memorable impression that lasts long past Labor Day.

Host an event

Labor Day weekend presents to perfect opportunity to promote your business with a relevant event. One example is a motorcycle insurance salesman who hosts a motorcycle cruise-in with a live band, free food, branded shirts and coolies, and a brochure that details his amazing motorcycle insurance rates for each participant. Other examples include a "Best Dressed" contest, a chili or wing cook-off, a music festival, a charity drive, family fun day, or other event as long as it's something your target audience is likely to attend and engage in.

Stage a publicity stunt

Publicity stunts range from the notable to the bizarre - and they almost always make a good story, even when they're deemed failures. In fact, just about any event you host could be considered a publicity stunt, but some are so over the top that they deserve to be in a category all their own. Read this list of the "]]>Top 10 Success Marketing Stunts]]> by Entrepreneur, or this list of "]]>9 Outrageous Hollywood Publicity Stunts]]>" for inspiration. Or, if you've got the bucks, hire ]]>Robert Gallup]]> to defy death before your audience's eyes! Labor Day is a free day. Unlike other holidays that often include obligatory family commitments, Labor Day celebrations can be held anywhere doing anything. Take advantage of this free day to wow your audience with creative or outlandish, off-the-wall marketing techniques, and you'll earn a loyal customer base with viral press appeal. Don't forget to promote your event, stunt or world record-breaking attempt with printed posters, postcards, flyers, newsletters, brochures and door hangers.