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Outside-of-the-Box Stationery Ideas

Outside of the Box Stationery Ideas

Choosing stationery that fits your company is vital to your brand image. If your company has a “far out” philosophy and likes to take risks – even outrageous risks – then you might consider a stationery that projects that image loud and clear to target customers who can identify with and appreciate your wild methodology. The following stationery ideas for outrageous, risk-taking companies might just be right up your alley.

Change the shape of stationery

One way to show the artistic and expressive side of your company is by using stationery that is a different shape than the normal 8.5” by 11” sheets of paper. You can stay conservative and use smaller sheets than normal, or you can have stationery die cut in a custom shape such as to mimic your logo or the silhouette of your corporate headquarters. This can be a great way to maintain your businesses wild side while still having stationery that you can easily read and write on.

Computer-themed stationery

If you are a computer or a software company, then you might want to go with some stationery that shows off what you do. You can do this with the previous suggestion by sending out stationery that is in the shape of a computer monitor, with designs that make it obvious, or you can print the stationery with computer related images, such as a web form with fields for the information about who the letter is going to with a submit button, or with a website design with browser buttons such as back, forward, home and refresh.

Humor-themed stationery

You can find humor stationery in pre-packaged sets in most stationery stores, but you probably won't want to use such generic stationery for your business. Instead, you may choose to have your humor stationery custom-printed through an online printing company (this is actually far cheaper than it might sound). Humor stationery could have funny jokes or cartoons printed on it, so long as it is relevant to your target audience; that is to say, your customers should get the joke. A great idea is to have a variety of jokes and cartoons so that customers who get a lot of mail from your company will get to experience a variety of designs.

Odd-colored stationery

Some people choose stationery that is a completely different color than the standard cream colors or the white and off-white that everyone else uses. For instance, one idea is to use black stationery, with white text printed on it. Neon colors can work well if you really want to spice up your stationery. As an alternative, you can simply use a different color text when you print your stationery, and stick with a standard color for the paper itself. Multi-colored stationery paper can also make an impression and demonstrate your artistic side. Find inspiration from different art forms – neo-classical, baroque, post-modern or surrealism – and create compelling odd-colored, patterned, and shaped stationery that resonates with your customers so they'll never, ever forget your company.