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Panel Response Card Printing Techniques

resources imagePanel response card printing provides a convenient way for your customers to take action on your offer. Some printing techniques lend an advantage when it comes to commanding attention and generating leads. Projecting a quality image and adding value to your panel response cards is imperative. Once your design and copy is complete, it's crucial that you follow through with printing to secure the best return on investment possible. The following panel response card printing techniques will get you started:

Choose the right size

Panel response cards are meant to go inside envelopes, so make sure you choose the appropriate size for your mailer. A 4.25-inch by 5.5-inch panel response card fits well inside an A-2 envelope, while a 5-inch by 7-inch panel response card is best suited for an A-7 envelope.

Choose the right paper

A 13-point  recycled matte paper stock is the perfect choice for your panel response card for two reasons. First, it's uncoated so your customers can write their information in before sending the card back to you. Second, recycled paper is eco-friendly, which helps conservation efforts and enhances your public image.

Cut it up

resources imageIt's no secret that die cuts yield a better return on investment because they command attention, help carry a theme and project your organization's image. Browse the die-cut gallery for inspiration and download a template for your design. Alternatively, you can order a custom die-cut template for a unique shape that differentiates you from the competition.

Get it perforated

Perforations are an excellent way to add value to your panel response cards. With perforations, you can turn part of your panel response card into a ticket, coupon, map, checklist, event reminder, calendar or anything else helps your customers take action.

Get a proof and print in volume

You should always get a hardcopy proof for your panel response cards, so you can physically check colors, layout position and copy for errors. This is especially true for first-time orders - the last thing you want is to have to reprint an entire run because you forgot to make a last-minute date change. Press setup costs money, but once it's running each panel response card is more cost efficient than the next. The more panel response cards you print per run, the lower your price-per-piece will be. Make sure you print plenty for your campaign all at once for overall cost efficiency and to increase your profit margin. Simplicity and convenience conspire to make panel response card printing one of the most affordable ways to motivate your customers to take action. Take these panel response card printing techniques to heart to boost the return on investment for your next direct-mail marketing campaign.