Photographer Marketing: Copywriting

resources imageThis is the third article in a five-part series that details exactly what you need to market your photography business. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but you'll need more than beautiful photography to attract customers to your business. Excellent copywriting skills are essential to the success of any marketing campaign. Copywriting complements your photography because it tells customers how to feel and motivates them to take the next step in the purchasing process. The following details copywriting basics you can employ in your photographer marketing campaigns.

Four steps for writing winning photographer copy

1. Craft a powerful headline -Your headline should be captivating, for sure, but it will be even more powerful if you can introduce a special offer and showcase why you're the best photographer for the job.

resources image

2. Highlight your benefits -Your body copy should expand on your headline by revealing the key benefit (or benefits) that set you apart from your competition and make you attractive to potential customers. Keep in mind that features are key points about your company, and benefits are how they help your customers.

3. Develop an incredible offer/make a poignant point -The quality of your offer is integral to your photography marketing success, so make sure it is good enough to be a must-have opportunity for clients. Your offer should be time-limited in order to get the best return on investment.

4. Motivate with a call to action - Never leave your customers hanging - always tell them precisely what they must do next to take advantage of your special offer.

Example photographer postcard copy (with a wedding photo example background):

Commemorate Your Special Day with the Photography of Mike Mann! Book your wedding today and receive a 20% discount! The most romantic photography captures your one-and-only special day forever on film for a lifetime keepsake. As the premier wedding photographer for sons of corporate titans, presidential descendants, royal courts and you, Mike Mann has more than 20 years experience getting the perfect shot. Book your wedding photos by June 1st and receive a 20% discount worth up to $1,000! Call 555-555-5555 or visit for the perfect wedding pictures today. Mike Mann Premier Wedding Photography Romance and beauty, captured forever.