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Powerful Black Friday Postcard Tips and Tricks

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Postcards are excellent tools for small businesses to market Black Friday sales before major competitors hit newspapers with advertising inserts. When you can preempt your competitors' efforts, you can land sales from customers before Black Friday arrives, giving you a head start and a distinct advantage during the holiday sales season. To maximize your profit potential, incorporate the following powerful Black Friday postcard tips and tricks into your campaigns.

Start with the basics

Make sure you understand how to employ the fundamentals of a successful direct-mail postcard marketing campaign. You'll need an attention-getting headline, a great time-limited offer, a well-targeted list, a list of customer benefits, a call to action, a way to track return on investment, and a great design that commands attention at the mailbox. These elements are critical in all postcard marketing campaigns, so make sure you have them down pat when you plan your Black Friday mailing.

Send early but timely

It can be tempting to send your Black Friday postcards a week or two in advance, but chances are you'll have better results if your postcards are delivered a day or two before Thanksgiving. This way your offer is fresh in customers' minds as they discuss Black Friday sales with friends and family members yet still have time to make a purchase before the Black Friday sales hit. If you want to send earlier, it's a good idea to send multiple postcard mailings. Repetition is key to success, after all, and you could run a campaign with two or three postcards leading up to your big offer so customers are looking for it.

Offer a price guarantee

One of the major concerns customers can have with buying before Black Friday is that they'll get a better deal if they wait. You can erase those fears by offering a price guarantee. Tell customers that you're offering a rock bottom price on your products or services, but if they find a better deal on Black Friday you will match or beat it. In this manner you can guarantee that you have the best deal for customers and they can feel comfortable ordering early.

Play on Black Friday negatives

Everyone wants great deals, but no one likes the early mornings, long lines, pushy crowds, and all the other negatives that go hand-in-hand with Black Friday deals. Point out these negatives and remind customers that they can order with you quickly, easy, and conveniently by taking advantage of your guaranteed offer before Black Friday, either at your location or online from the comfort of their homes.

Generate high return on investment with great postcard prices

It's important to print high-quality postcards to lend credibility to your company, but that doesn't mean you have to risk your investment to do so. Select a proven online postcard printing company that can print and mail your postcards conveniently for you at a low price. PsPrint, for example, routinely offers postcard printing at discounts of up to 60 percent off; so start planning your Black Friday postcard marketing campaign early and you can get the best price on premium printing to generate the highest return on investment and most profits.