Print Eco-Friendly Mommy Cards

resources imageMore and more parents are concerned about the environment today, not only for their own welfare but for the health and safety of their children. That's why it makes sense to print eco-friendly mommy cards. Going green with mommy cards isn't difficult to do, and since the cost difference between printing typical mommy cards and eco-friendly mommy cards is negligible there's really no excuse not to explore responsible mommy card printing. By printing eco-friendly mommy cards, you can care for your children's well-being both socially and environmentally!

Choose recycled paper

One of the easiest ways to go green with mommy card printing is to choose a recycled paper stock. It's important that mommy cards look awesome, and fortunately today's premium recycled papers look just as great (if not better) than their traditional counterparts. For best quality, go with a 13 point recycled matte cover paper stock for your mommy card printing.

Print with soy-based inks

Traditional inks are petroleum-based, which means that during the drying process they release large volumes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to the environment. In contrast, soy-based inks release relatively few VOCs. Again, quality is paramount when you're printing mommy cards - so it's critical to note that soy inks are also capable of producing more vibrant colors than petroleum-based inks. Thus, you get the best of both worlds: an eco-friendly mommy card that looks better than traditionally-printed mommy cards.

Hand them out face to face

resources imageInstead of mailing mommy cards to everyone in your child's group, make a point to hand them out face to face at events, practices and other activities; or, even better, plan a day to go door to door to all of your child's friends' homes (on foot) to hand them out. You and your child will get to see where everyone lives, you'll enjoy the benefit of exercise, and you won't incur the cost of postage or paper envelopes required to mail. You could even organize a special event, such as a recycling day, and recruit all of your child's friends to help out and then hand out your mommy cards at the event.

Get an electronic proof

It's always a good idea to get a proof for any custom printed project (you wouldn't want to print 100 mommy cards with the wrong phone number!), but you don't have to get a hardcopy proof. Hardcopy proofs require paper packaging to mail, they cost money, and they require the use of pollution-emitting vehicles to deliver. Electronic proofs only require the use of a web browser - and they're free! If you start with a free mommy card layout template, you'll already know that your colors match up and your layout is correct, so electronic proofs are just a way to quickly double-check your work before you go to press.