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Print Unique Party Invitations Everyone Loves

Print Unique Party Invitations Everyone Loves

Party invitations are some of the most important elements of your celebration or special event. Whether you’re inviting guests to a baby shower, a birthday party, or a graduation or wedding, you want your party invitations templates to be perfect. Party invitations set the tone for what follows and gives guests a sense of what to expect from your event. Party invitations are also reflections of who you are. Printing your very own party invitations is the perfect way to send guests a one-of-a-kind call to your event.

Creative themes

Printing fun, unique party invitations allows you, the host, to put your creativity and ingenuity to work. Use the opportunity to set the tone for your party. Kick-off the party with a memorable theme conveyed through the invitation. For example, integrate your child’s photo into your birthday party invitation for a personal touch. If the theme is space exploration, put your child’s face into a space shuttle or astronaut suit and create excitement by telling guests they can expect an out-of-this-world experience. Or, put your daughter’s dress up adventures on display, letting guests know whether she’s a princess in the making or dreams of being a famous chef, artist, doctor, or athlete. If your child loves nature and can’t get enough of frogs or butterflies, be sure to incorporate the theme into your customized party invitation.

If you’re planning a more formal affair, set a tone of elegance with the right colors, paper, and invitation wording. Consider adding elegant foil stamp outlines to your party invitation text, borders, and information boxes. Print your party invitations on premium paper stocks. You can still incorporate a unique photo, but be sure it maintains an air of elegance.

Don't forget the basics

Feel free to let your creativity guide your party invitation design, but in doing so don't forget the basics. Your party invitations will need to list what the party is and who it is for. You might even need to include an explanation for your event. Make sure you don't forget the date and time, and also include helpful information such as directions, maps, instructions (such as Bring Your Own Beverages), etc.

Party invitation printing

Once you have a stellar theme and the basic information entwined in a creative design, all that's left to do is print your party invitations. Print party invitations on premium paper stocks and indicate in your design where you would like foil stamps to go. PsPrint has premium paper stocks, including super-thick 16-point, smooth 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating and 13-point 100% recycled matte. For even more eco-friendliness, go with an eco-friendly invitation printing company that offers soy inks, which are both environmentally responsible and capable of producing more vibrant colors than traditional petroleum-based inks.

Finally, if you're planning a massive event with many invitations you should consider having your online printing company mail the invitations for you; their bulk mail indicias can save you time, money, and hassles.