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Promote Black Friday Sales with Premium Flyers

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When Black Friday kicks off the biggest sales season of the year, many companies turn to newspaper inserts and catalogs to promote their sales. Both are excellent ways to land profits from Black Friday, but they also both have one major caveat: your competitors are probably using the same strategies for reaching your target customer base. That leaves it up to you to identify areas in which you can gain a competitive edge. Premium flyers are perfect for getting your message to customers without interference from competitors. Read on to learn why.

Your competitors aren't using them

One of the major advantages to printing premium flyers for your Black Friday promotions is that your competitors aren't doing it. That leaves you free to market to your target customer base without having to fight through the crowd of other advertisers vying for their business. When you can deploy premium flyers in a stand-alone manner, without distraction, your promotions will be more memorable and your customers will think of you first when they're ready to buy.

Premium flyers are versatile

Another distinct advantage flyers have is that, unlike many other marketing materials, they are extremely versatile in terms of where they can be distributed. Any flat surface works: doors, walls, counter tops, windows, bulletin boards, car windows, and creative areas such as public restroom mirrors and vending machines. Wherever your target customer base congregates, there are opportunities for flyer marketing.

They're dual purpose

Flyers can brand your company but they can also motivate direct sales. Perforated coupons, tear-off stubs, and coupon codes all offer opportunities to measure your return on investment. Use good marketing tenets to get customers to visit your location, call your phone number, or visit your website with your special offer in-hand, and you can reap the rewards of a well-planned premium flyer marketing campaign.

Flyers can preempt Black Friday sales

Want to get the ball rolling early? Develop a guarantee that you have the best price for your product or service, offer to meet or beat any Black Friday sale for the same item, and start your Black Friday sales early with flyers. It's all about beating your competition to the punch, so if your flyers appease to customers' sense of convenience – they won't have to fight crowds at 4 a.m. to get your deal – and their wallets (your guarantee), you can land plenty of Black Friday sales before the first Thanksgiving turkey is carved.

Flyers are high return on investment

Premium flyers are incredibly cheap to print and distribute, so you can print great-looking flyers that make you look professional without risking a large investment. Use the instant price widget tool at PsPrint to compare different flyer printing options and their respective prices. As for distribution, you can either handle it yourself or recruit a team of volunteers or employees to blanket your customers' high traffic areas, likely for far less than you'd pay for postage. In this manner you can enjoy all the high-profit benefits of Black Friday premium flyer marketing with just a few hours of work.