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Send Save-The-Date Business Cards For Your Celebration

Send Save-The-Date Business Cards For Your Celebration

Save-the-date business cards are perfect reminders to send to family members and friends when you want them to come to your big celebration, whether it's a wedding, anniversary, graduation party, birthday party, or anything else. The following details what you need to create and send your own custom save-the-date business cards for your celebration.

Save-the-date business card templates

Start by downloading free save-the-date business card templates. You can choose from different sizes and shapes, including die-cut shapes, squares, and jumbo squares. These templates have no graphic elements, so you can develop your own custom save-the-date business card design. Rather, they have helpful guidelines so you know where to position your design. They're also preformatted in the proper color mode and resolution to help ensure a perfect print run.

Create your save-the-date business card design

The next step is to open your template in your favorite graphic editing program and develop your custom design. You can use any theme to create any design, just be sure to include the name of your celebration, the date, the time, the address (and directions/map), and any special instructions (such as bring your own beverages) so your guests come to the right place, on time, and fully prepared to party. When your design is complete, don't forget to delete the template layer. Oh, and don't forget to ask for RSVPs if needed.

Print your save-the-date business cards

Choose from options such as premium paper stocks (ultra-thick 16-point, smooth 15-point velvet with soft-touch coating and 13-point 100 percent recycled matte are best), double-sided printing (if you have a two-sided design), die-cuts, foil stamps, quantity, and turnaround time. You'll also want to choose a professional printing company that uses eco-friendly soy inks for an environmentally responsible way to get more kick out of your design: soy inks are capable of producing more vibrant colors than traditional petroleum-based inks.

Finally, know you can control your price by first choose an online printing company that offers fair pricing for save-the-date business cards and then by ordering as many as you will use in one run: the higher the volume per run, the less the price per piece. Great online printing companies offer exceptional quality at affordable prices for the perfect save-the-date business cards.

Send your save-the-date business cards to family and friends

Send your save-the-date business cards to family members, friends, and colleagues or business associates. Make sure they know to call you with any questions. Next, sit back knowing that everyone knows about your big celebration – and then get busy preparing for your party!