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Send Your Customers Greeting Cards Today

Send Your Customers Greeting Cards Today

Once a year, every year, you put together a holiday greeting card to send out to your clients. And, while it is certainly appreciated – and you should do it – your card is probably just one of many that your customers receive during that time of year. In other words, it gets a moment of notice but is soon caught up in the deluge of other cards coming in, and consequently it gets lost in the shuffle. So, why not also do it at different times of year? Like right now?

Getting noticed with greeting cards

Sending a greeting card at an unexpected time of year gets noticed by your customers. They will be surprised by your card and pay much more attention to it than they would during the holidays. Receiving a greeting card out of the blue makes people feel special, and it will make them feel like you took the time to reach out to them. People appreciate getting extra attention, and a greeting card is a good way to do it.

Building relationships with greeting cards

When you reach out to your customers with greeting cards, they will be more likely to build loyalty to your company and your products or services. When your clients feel like you think more of them than just a number on the bottom line, then they will be more likely to foster a relationship with your company and recommend you to others. This is the kind of loyalty that money can’t buy – it only comes from you building a relationship outside of the normal business interaction.

Increasing profit with greeting cards

Building relationships with your customers to the point where they are loyal and are recommending your company to others will bring you more business and more profit in the long run. While sending out greeting cards at odd times off the year seems like a small and trivial thing to do, it really can make more impact than you might think. A handful of loyal customers can grow exponentially when they speak highly of your company to others. Don’t be surprised when your greeting card experiment brings in more business.

When to send greeting cards

There really is no set time of year to send greeting cards to your customers, but you want to make sure it is far enough away from the holidays or other occasions where your card may be less noticeable. Perhaps you can send out your greeting cards in late spring or early fall when there is not much else going on to distract from your message. And, like we said above, don’t skip out on sending out those holiday cards – you want to do this in addition to the holiday greeting cards, not just in place of. Sending out greeting cards a couple of times a year is a great way to keep your name in front of customers and build that special relationship that will build your business.