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Super Bowl Party Invitation Design Ideas

super bowl party invite design ideas EDITEDC

Hosting your own Super Bowl party takes a bit of planning, plenty of room, great food and drinks, and the perfect Super Bowl party invitations. Anyone can design their own Super Bowl party invitations, whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or you know a little bit about graphic design software programs such as Photoshop or Paint. Even if you are not design savvy, you can put your digital camera to work to create the perfect Super Bowl party invitations templates. If you're not sure what your Super Bowl party invitations should look like, see if you can glean inspiration from one of the following ideas.

Crashing helmets

You can create dynamic Super Bowl party invitations by using an image of your house, images of each of the team helmets in the game, and the Super Bowl logo. Place the picture of your house in the middle of the image with a star-style border around it. Put the Super Bowl logo directly above your house image, slightly smaller than your house (after all, the key to this invitation is that the party is at your house). Then have the helmets on either side of your house and facing each other as though they are going to crash into each other on your front door step. If you feel like that’s out of your design-skill league, try our football-themed online design in our gallery. It’s easy to personalize for your Super Bowl party. [caption id="attachment_13527" align="aligncenter" width="600"]You can personalize this design in our gallery for your Super Bowl party invitations. You can personalize this design in our gallery for your Super Bowl party invitations.[/caption]

You and your buddies

One of the more famous Super Bowl pictures is of Joe Namath running off the field after winning Super Bowl III with a single finger in the air. There are a lot of faces in that picture and you can superimpose your face, and the faces of your friends, over them. Using this, or any other iconic Super Bowl image, in such a way makes for a fun invitation that will become a discussion piece to break the ice once your party kicks off.

Super Bowl tickets

Look up the design for this year’s Super Bowl ticket and use that as the foundation for your Super Bowl party invitations. Change the location to your address, and make sure you put your name along with the Super Bowl number to let people know it is your party. Change other items such as the time the game starts to the time your party starts, and the cost on the ticket to $0.00 – or perhaps “BYOB.”

Vince Lombardi Trophy

Sometimes the simplest Super Bowl party invitation ideas are the best. Find a good image of the Vince Lombardi trophy and fit your party information on the image. Put the name of your party on the football at the top of the trophy, and then have all your other information on the sides. It is an extremely simple design, but people will know exactly what it is for and it will lend the right image – and the perfect fun factor – for your party. Your Super Bowl party invitations can do as much to create anticipation for the celebration as the game itself. Use some creative design ideas to let your friends know that yours will be a special Super Bowl gathering.