Table Tent Marketing Strategies

resources imageTable tent marketing is a great way to land more customers and upsell products and services for hotels, restaurants and bars. With proper planning, your table tents can boost your return on investment significantly. Consider the following table tent marketing strategies for your next campaign:

Know your audience's disposition

Knowing your audience is one thing; knowing why your audience is where they're at is another. For most restaurants and bars defining a typical customer is relatively easy, so table tents with drinks, specials, desserts, appetizers can be tailored to appeal to the audience. When it comes to hotels, however, defining a targeted approach can be more challenging. Why are people staying at the hotel? Are they interested in pay-per-movies and room service? If you're third-party company that places table tents in hotel rooms (such as a restaurant, theme park or other attraction), which hotels cater to your audience? Are they here on business or pleasure, alone or with family? The better you can identify with your audience's disposition, the better return on investment your table tents will achieve.

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Present an offer and call to action

Your table tents shouldn't just inform prospects about an attraction, food item, product or service — they should sell. Just like any other direct-marketing piece, it's not enough to say, "Hey, I'm here!" You have to say, "You have to get this now!" Create an enticing offer and measure your response with coupon codes or a special password.

Be creative

Don't be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your table tent marketing. The nice thing about table tents is that they're hard to ignore and work for almost any application. Table tent marketing isn't limited to pay-per-view movies and attractions in hotels or food and drink lists in restaurants. The entire world of commerce can benefit from properly positioned table tents; for example, a web design firm might want to strategically place a table tent in coffee shop known as being a downtown small business hub. Table tent marketing is an often-overlooked marketing method, but with the right strategy you can exploit this powerful niche and instantly boost sales.