Table Tent Printing Techniques

Table tent printing represents a sound marketing investment that often yields an excellent return on investment. To maximize your profit margin and still print great-looking table tents, follow these table tent printing techniques:

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Choose a sturdy paper

Print your table tents on 100-pound UV-coated cover stock for strength and durability. A flimsy table tent won't last long, diminishing your return-on-investment potential. Water-resistant UV coating adds a layer of protection against spills and scratches, especially relevant for restaurants and bars where spills are frequent.

Get your table tents scored and die cut

Have your table tents scored for easy folding and order a die cut, so you can quickly interlock tabs for reliability. These features contribute to your return on investment because staff doesn't have to hassle with imperfect folds or constantly fix table tents that have fallen apart.

Only print what you need ...

resources imageToday's state-of-the-art printing techniques have made table tent printing more affordable than ever, so you can print only the table tents you need. This is especially useful for theaters, pay-per-view movies, live performances and other events that change week to week or month to month. By only printing what you need, you can keep your overhead low and return on investment high.

... But print in volume when possible

Other attractions such as indoor water parks, theme parks, restaurants and similar advertisers that have year-round promotions can save even more by printing table tents in volume. This is because the more you print, the lower your price per piece becomes. Fortunately, table tents are affordable at both high and low volumes so all organizations can find a budget-friendly solution.

Get a proof

A hardcopy proof is still the best way to ensure your table tents look as great off the press as they do in your design software. Hardcopy proofs let you hold your table tent in hand, so you can double-check copy, colors, design position and more, representing a small investment in quality assurance. Table tent printing is easy and stress-free when you understand the printing process. Make sure your design is in CMYK at a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) and prepared in a print-ready format to avoid issues. Also, you can use a professional table tent template as a guide for avoiding costly layout mistakes. With these printing techniques, your table tent printing process is sure to be smooth so you can focus on growing your business, sustaining your return on investment and developing your next marketing campaign.