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Three Tricks for Eye-Catching Business Stationery

Business stationery

Business stationery is a necessity for all communications – it helps brand your business and lends a professional look that says you are a strong, honest and trustworthy company. Business stationery is a traditional means of corporate communication, but that doesn't mean you have to design your business stationery in a traditional manner. Breaking the mold helps differentiate your company from the competition and helps customers feel comfortable doing business with a company that has fresh, innovative ideas. The following three tricks are easy to implement and will help you design eye-catching business stationery that gets attention.

1. Foil stamps

Foil stamps are the perfect accents for any time of business stationery, whether your company is promoting an elegant image or wants to regale letter recipients with popping pizzazz. For elegance, outline your text, sidebars, headers, headlines, logo, shapes or other graphic elements with foil stamps. For a robust and fun look, you can instead fill your graphic elements with a foil stamp that delivers a bright sheen and can't be missed. Foil stamps are easy to employ, cheap to apply and priceless in practice. Such stationery design techniques truly highlight your company’s success – because, after all, only the most successful companies would use foil stamps, right? Have faith in the power of public perception, and take advantage of the awesome power of foil stamps on your business stationery envelopes and letterhead.

2. Unusual graphics

Never underestimate the power of colors and shapes in unusual combinations – anything out of the ordinary on your stationery can demonstrate that your company is far from ordinary. An oversized logo printed on the back of your letterhead or the front of your envelope, a circular footer that conveys your contact information, rounded corners or a squiggly sidebar with a background fill: These are all unique variations on elements commonly incorporated into stationery design that can command attention and bolster your company image.

3. Premium paper stocks

Everything else being equal, premium paper stocks can easily highlight your stationery as coming from a credible company. Thick stationery paper stocks feel good in your customers' hands and have weight that denotes a strong foundation behind the words on the paper. For letterhead and envelopes, choose matching 70-pound white wove finish paper stock to add a unique professional texture or a 24-pound synergy bond paper stock for a smooth, silky aura. Business stationery design isn't rocket science, but it can be improved with a few simple techniques that require little to no investment yet can yield huge dividends when it comes to long-term customer relations, brand image and ultimately sales revenue. Don't settle for traditional business stationery when, with the application of a few easily implemented strategies, you can have exceptional business stationery that promotes your business with each letter sent.