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Best Wedding Invitation Wording Examples

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Wedding invitation wording is an important factor when it’s time to print beautiful wedding invitations for your special day. The best wedding invitation text works with your design to convey the tone and theme of your wedding, whether you’re hosting a traditional, elegant wedding, a casual beach wedding, or anything in between.

Great wedding invitation wording also makes your guests feel special and includes everything they need to plan for your wedding day. Use the following wedding invitation wording tips and examples to pen the perfect wedding invitation text so you can print memorable wedding invitation cards that motivate RSVPs.

List the information you want to include on your wedding invitations

Start by creating a list of the important information your guests need to know. This will help you decide what to include on your wedding cards.
Consider the 5 Ws:


Your wedding invitations should include the names of the bride and groom, of course, and optionally their parents’ names, step-parents’ names, and/or the names of any other hosts.


You’re hosting a wedding, of course! Think of how you’d like to announce your wedding: a celebration, a union, a joining of families, etc.


Make sure you include the name and address of the wedding venue as well as the wedding reception.


List the date and time for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. You might want to insert another card with the rehearsal dinner date and time to send to your wedding party and select guests.


The “why” might seem obvious, but thinking about reasons your guests will want to attend can help you write memorable wording that yields more RSVPs.

Once you have the basics down, consider additional details you might wish to add to your wedding invitation wording. Ideas include:

  • RSVP instructions and deadline
  • Directions to the wedding and reception venues
  • Menu and menu selection (if guests can choose between main courses)
  • Number of guests (“plus one” or “and family”)
  • Attire/dress code
  • Whether there will be a cash bar at the reception
  • Information on nearby accommodations (especially if you’re hosting a destination wedding and have reserved a hotel block)
  • Information on transportation (especially if there will be a shuttle from the hotel)
  • Wedding website
  • Wedding registry information
  • Gift instructions (in case you do not want gifts, or if you’d like to request a charitable donation in lieu of gifts)
  • Any other information you’d like to include

Once you’ve listed everything you want to include, you can start writing your wedding invitation wording.

Pen custom wedding invitation wording with our free online wedding invitation card maker. Pick a template and color scheme, upload your photos, and add your text. You can even pick your font!

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Make your wedding invitation wording match your wedding theme; your wedding invitation text should work with your design so your invitations have a cohesive feel.

Consider how traditional wedding invitation wording might differ from casual or beach wedding invitation wording, and think about how you can make clever wording substitutions that express your theme.

Like your wedding, your wedding invitation theme is only limited by your imagination. Popular and unique wedding invitation themes include:

  • Seasonal wedding
  • Holiday wedding
  • White wedding
  • Traditional wedding
  • Outdoor wedding
  • Contemporary wedding
  • Beach wedding
  • Cultural wedding
  • Farm wedding
  • Gangster wedding
  • Safari wedding
  • Romantic wedding
  • Rustic wedding
  • Decade wedding (1920s, ‘70s, etc.)
  • Fantasy wedding
  • Garden wedding
  • Vintage/retro wedding
  • Gothic wedding

Decide whether your wedding invitation wording will be formal or casual, and to what extent you will incorporate your wedding theme into the wording.

Want unique invitations for your wedding? Start with our free wedding invitation templates. Each can be customized with your own photos and wording!

Browse free wedding invitation templates

As stated, your wedding invitation text should work with your design. Thus, your wedding invitation colors, images, illustrations, layout, style and even your wedding invitation paper stock influence perception. Ensure your wedding invitation wording, design and printing options work in harmony so you can deliver the perfect message for your perfect day.

Other wedding invitation tips include:

  • Keep it simple with easy-to-read fonts
  • Incorporate white space to improve readability
  • Centering the text is often preferred
  • Standard wedding invitations should be no longer than 14 lines
  • Enhance your wedding invitations by printing matching envelopes, envelope sealers and address labels
  • If you have more information than you can fit on your wedding invitations, consider including inserts such as RSVP cards, save-the-date magnets and cards, a separate map with directions, or a menu/meal selection card

Make your own wedding invitation cards online with our free wedding card templates and design tool. Add your own text and photos, then send your artwork to print in minutes!

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Wedding invitation wording examples

Use these wedding invitation wording examples to spark inspiration when you print your own custom wedding invitations.

Sample wedding invitation wording outline

A basic template for wedding invitation wording is:

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A word about wedding invitation etiquette

What do you do if a named party is deceased? What if one of the named parties is divorced or remarried? What if you don’t want kids to attend your reception? You don’t want to risk hurting someone’s feelings, so follow this wedding invitation etiquette advice.

If a named party is deceased…

An example would be if the wedding is hosted by the bride’s mother, and her father is deceased. In this case, you can arrange your invitation wording to include the father’s name.

For example, you might lead with the name of the bride, list the bride’s parents, then the groom:

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If parents are divorced…

The easiest way to handle wedding invitations with divorced parents is to include each set of parents and stepparents on its own line. For example:

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If you don’t want children at your wedding reception…

This one can be tricky, and there’s no guarantee all your guests will abide by it; however, if you’d like to discourage parents from bringing children to your wedding reception the best way is to include a line that states the reception is for adults only. This is better than saying “no kids allowed,” which could sour some guests and decrease attendance at your wedding ceremony.

For example:

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If you need to include professional and military titles…

If any of the named parties have professional or military titles, you might want to incorporate them into your wedding invitations. It’s often best to simply spell out the title, as such:

  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • Reverend
  • The Honorable (for a judge)
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • General

It’s your wedding day, and you deserve to get the wedding of your dreams. You can help make that happen by minding wedding invitation etiquette.

Traditional wedding invitation wording example

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Casual wedding invitation wording example

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Funny wedding invitation wording example

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Themed and unique wedding invitation wording example

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More wedding invitation wording examples

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Wedding invitation templates

Make your own custom wedding invitations with free wedding invitation templates and our online wedding invitation maker. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations without springing for custom graphic design services. Free wedding invite card templates are some of the best wedding invitation resources!

How to design wedding invitations online:
Browse the wedding invitation template gallery and select your favorite design and color scheme
(you can filter by categories such as traditional and modern)
Open your template in the design tool, then follow the point-and-click prompts to add your wedding invitation text and upload your own photos
Review your artwork, choose your custom wedding invitation printing options, and your wedding invitations will be printed and delivered to your door within a few days

With free wedding invitation card templates and the online design tool, you can print custom wedding invitations fast and easy – no design skills needed! It’s everything you need to make your own marriage announcement cards. You can also print envelope seals for your wedding invitations, matching envelopes and address labels.

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