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What Are The Best Colors for Baby Announcements?

What Are The Best Colors for Baby Announcements?

Sending baby announcements is but one of the pleasures proud new parents have when their new bundle of joy enters the world. Today's technology and easy access to design programs and affordable online printing services means many parents are designing their own baby announcements to send to friends and family members. The baby's photo and name are probably the only required elements of good baby announcements, leaving many parents to ponder the perfect layout, theme, and colors for baby announcements. The following answers the question: what are the best colors for baby announcements?


Baby announcements bought at department stores are traditionally designed with pastel colors: pastel pink, blues, purples, and greens. You can similarly design your own baby announcements with pastel colors if you want to maintain a traditional look. Pastels are easy to incorporate and largely expected, so you can announce your baby to the world with tradition. If you want a more edgy design but still want a touch of tradition, try pastel colors that aren't typically used for baby announcements: brown, orange, yellow, etc.

Black and white

Despite the availability and affordability of full-color printing, many baby announcements today are printed in black and white. These typically feature a solo black and white photo, or a “film strip” of several black and white photos, of the new baby. You can design your baby announcements as black and white photos, or you can add a touch of flair with black and white photos outlined by pastel-colored frames with pastel-colored text.


As we move toward a more environmentally conscious society, natural colors are more often incorporated into baby announcements. Deep browns, oranges, greens, and reds can form the basis of your baby announcement designs. Research “earth tones” for various examples of specific hues that look great when coupled in this theme.


Another popular color theme for baby announcements is candy: the bright blues, reds, greens, oranges, and yellows associated with your favorite flavors. Pick your favorite candy and study the colors to come up with exciting and vigorous hues you can use to create vibrant baby announcements to send to your loved ones.


Plaid is more of a pattern of colors than a single color, but it is included here because it is a popular way to design baby announcements today. You can create baby announcements in any of the color combination themes described here – pastels, nature, candy, and black and white – infused in a plaid background.

Whatever you want

At the end of the day, the best colors for baby announcements are easy to pick: whatever you think looks good and fits your family – and your baby's – personality. Every baby is different, after all, and as the parent you get to decide how to present your new bundle of joy to the world.